Obama looking like Bush

The department on Tuesday said the banks, which were not named, will be allowed to repay the money they received from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program created by Congress last October at the height of the financial crisis.

When Bush gave the banks money it was to help them recover. Now that the banks see that obama just wants control the banks are trying to repay the loans to get out from under the government. That’s why they are trying to repay so quick.

So the banks are basically telling us that 1) they really did not need the money to begin with and that 2) they would rather not have a handout with strings attached. No kidding! Obama and Giethner really think that writing a bunch of checks that we cannot cash is still a great idea to remedy this media fueled ECONOMIC DISASTER. What a joke!  Can anyone tell me what campaign promises Obama has fulfilled? More Jobs, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell challenge, With-drawl from Iraq…What? NOTHING! He has changed positions on huge issues and no one is calling him out. His presidency looks like BUSH Part 3 and he still has a 60% Approval Rating. Can you say media control? Unbelievable. 
Maybe we can pick these up to get the change in our pockets we were promised…..Recycled like Obama’s campaign promises…

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