The School money pit

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Does anyone else find it ironic that school superintendents and administration are being paid obscene salaries while the rest of us — who foot the bill — are losing our jobs at an alarming rate?

The Herald News on June 28 reported the salary of Channahon School District Superintendent Karin Evans was raised to $145,000 and Business Manager Michael Schroeder got a $30,000 raise to $120,000.

The district seems to be following the Joliet Grade School District. When no one stopped Superintendent Phyllis Wilson’s salary from jumping to $250,000, other school districts figured, “Hey, why not?”

When the average worker’s salary has been cut 10 percent to 15 percent and the unemployment rate is 10 percent, it’s sickening that school officials are getting big, fat raises. You cannot justify a $250,000 salary for a below average-performing school district. Nor can you justify a $30,000-a-year raise.

Pillaging of taxpayer dollars in Will County must stop. We’re all strapped for cash. My property taxes have increased more than $1,600 in two years to support these human leeches who suck our blood.

Those of you paid with taxpayer money need to remember the adage, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Those who accept raises in this economy need to be fired. Period.  Soon there will be the screaming at voting time for more tax money and there will be them that votes for the higher taxes.

Tom Fitzgerald



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