Channahon Blackberry Murder attempt

Channahon IL  By JolietJake

July 7th 2009

Police and emergency crews responded this morning to a double shooting in an apartment  on Blackberry Lane and near Bridge Street in Channahon, there is a belief among Apt residents that the shooting happened during the home invasion where drugs may have been the reason for the home invasion.

 Crews found a man and a woman with a single gunshot wounds Both people were “conscious and breathing” and taken to Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center. The victims were in a downstairs apartment of a two-story building in Apt 4 D.

Neighbors in the area said police were using dogs to search the area for suspects.

Channahon police officials said the shootings are being investigated by both the Will and Grundy County Major Crimes Task Force. Channahon police scheduled a press conference around 5 p.m. today.


Channahon police said they have a person of interest in custody following a shooting at an apartment building that left a man and a woman injured early today.

Police would not release details about the suspect, other than to say the man was an acquaintance of the two shooting victims.

The victims are both in their 20s.

Four people were arrested by the Channahon Police Department in response to Tuesday morning’s double shooting that wounded a Channahon man and woman.  Nineteen year old Lauren Vasilakis and 21 year old Josh Terdic both survived, with Vasilakis having been treated and released and Terdic having undergone surgery on Wednesday morning.  All four arrested parties have been charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder, two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, and one count of home invasion.  The four are 24 year old Jason Orasco or Channahon, 17 year old Matthew Edwards of Joliet, 17 year old Ashley Hill of Joliet, and 24 year old Mary Vetor of Joliet. 



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8 responses to “Channahon Blackberry Murder attempt”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The young ladies were not involved as well as not know a murder happened. Why are they being tried for not participating! There just as much a victim. Look at that poor innocent 17yr. old female. How can they be charged if they were in the car and not knowing what happened. Give them there day in Court and quiet trying to f ry them. Will County convicts everyone and i believe Jame Glasgow needs to be investigated for forcing people to take convictions that otherwise would exernoate them. This County convicts everyone. What about the people who can’t afford an Attorney. There screwed because there helping the State win a conviction. I thought there were there for us to guide us threw our case. Yet, they don’t see us at the jail. What good are they? Scoring more brown points!!!! They sure don’t win cases for there clients it’s abvous Innocent people are pleading quality because the in-humane treatment the CO’s bring on to the detaines. It,s easier to go to DOC. I have proof the F pod flooded all down the walls and thereis mold growing from cell 9 to 21 i’m sick and smold pores a in my lungs. CO’s i in particulary (Voster) sleeps on the job and is degrading and speaks th the women like there garbage. There are other incidents that happen from her. She’s a disgrace to the CO<that have some compassion. Kaupas please resign her away from the females. I thought they got paid to stay awake, what,s her excuse. Yes, i understand were in there for our crimes but, that,s why women are taking thrt time so they don,t have to be locked down for48 hr.s. Whey you took the Real DEPUTIES out the co's act like there Deputies!!!!! Try and spend more time watching your abusive {VANCE} as well as the one's who curse and belittle us. Not all of us are looking at DOC. You really need to close F pod for mold a number of us have the mold that will be sent to be testews and i,ve retained counsel. Your jail is like solitary confinement. You have NO programs…. I had i Bible study in 6 weeks. and i was not able get legal assistance. As for your ERT's im not a bitch,hoe,or slut!!!!!. Take example and open a drug pod so people can get help.. Go look at Cook Count Jails Div. 17. Your Co,s are destroying your jail. You have no progrqams for the women!!! We are HUMAN and deserve dignity. The Co women r the worsr

  2. Phil says :


    In English please!

  3. Anonymous says :

    I also experienced the same treatment at Will co. Jail F pod. I was smart enough to scrap the mold to be tested at a Health Dpt. Im also having problems with my lungs. As, for CO VANCE what a digrace she makes for the other COs whom have a little compassion. Isnt she there to get paid to work and not sleep on the job. But, you have to remember she has her union steward Breen to back her up. She’s a nasty,ignorant person with no respect for other’s.FIRE HER. You have no program’s for the women in f pod… They lock us down for 48 hrs. at a time. Call us smelly. How can we get in the shower if there not allowing us out. Yes, it is true the Public Defenders are not working for us there working hand in hand with the state i took a guilty plea after 30 days knowing i was innocent and know i will be going to DOC due to the p.d not representing me. There needs to be change in Will County and it needs to start at the State’s Attorney’s office. Glasgow you need to go. Tomzcak did a better job than your doing. And as for Mary Vetor, Ashley Hill there innocent how can you charge them with Murder if they did’nt do it. Those poor women don’t deserve what’s happening to them.

    • anonymous says :

      you people know nothing about the occurrence or the two women involved. both women were in the car the entire time, but they were completely aware of the two men’s intentions and what could possible go down. they ASSISTED with the home invasion by giving the two guys a ride and loading the car with the stolen items. its not like they were just taking a joy ride and jason n matthew tricked them into going to the apartment. this was planned out very thoroughly, and the two women WERE aware of the plan and were not in any way forced or tricked into accompanying the two men. yea maybe they didnt know the guys would shoot the victims, but they were completely aware that they had a gun. u have no right to feel sorry for the two girls, yea ashley is only 17 but that is well old enough to make ur own rational decisions, which she didnt. mary is a wannabe gangbanger who was most likely the ringleader in this whole occurrence. instead of feeling sorry for the girls, why dont u think about what Joshs family has to go through every day of the rest of his life without his son. why dont u think about the girl who has to replay the horrible occurrence over and over in her head, who wishes every day that it was her who died and not josh. u guys are ridiculous to think ashley and mary dont deserve jailtime, and yea maybe the jails are bad but thats becuz they are supposed to be! i agree they shud take care of the black mold, but prison is not supposed to be comfortable in any way, thats why its a punishment.

  4. Anonymous says :

    As I was just also released from Will County Jail (J) pod. The C.O’s are bitches they honestly can ALL blow me. I pray I see a few of them out on the street one day. Maybe as they disrespect and treat people like crap they should realize, some of us live in their towns and do see them in public places!!

    • Anonymous says :

      Something or somebodies need to look into Will County Jail. Im not a Bitch,Hoe,Slut! The C.O.S are there for our safety not to degrade the inmates. I also was in the F Pod and that Fat little minded VANCE is a horrible individual that speaks at ever one like there trash even her own co-workers. they need to investigate her not send the union steward into the pod to instice her. Kaupas your jail is being run by a bunch of moron’s. Start cleaning house

  5. Law abiding citizen says :

    Maybe all of you that are complaining about how bad the living conditions are in Will County jail should just stop breaking the law so that you won’t get arrested and end up there. I don’t feel sorry for any of you stupid idiots that get locked up.

  6. Anonymous says :

    R.I.P JOSH

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