¦ Evergreen Terrace Joliet City Public Information Officer Kevin Hegerty says that last week’s action by a U S Appeals Court to deny a motion by the owners of Evergreen Terrace was another step in the right direction.  Earlier this year, a federal court ruling stated that Joliet has the right to proceed with the condemnation of Evergreen Terrace, after years of battles between the city and the housing project’s owners over general conditions and upkeep.  Hegerty says now that the U S Appeals Court has also sided  with the city, there is really only one more place the Evergreen Terrance owners can go, which is the United States Supreme Court.  The owners have 90 days from the July 14th ruling to file an appeal.  The city intends to relocate the Evergreen Terrace tennants, and then tear down the structire once all the appeals are heard.

Joliet Jakes comments:

 It is about time to shut that eyesore down and build something new in it’s place, Kick all of em to the street! They are people, Lookin for the state to pay their way for them…..Life is hard….I guess when it does close up the section 8’s will have to Deal with it. Evergreen has been A failure forever, And always will be!!






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