Reality in Joliet that hurts the pocket book.

As the city of Joliet wrestles with a deficit that could reach $67 million by 2012, officials gave residents a cold shower as to what’s planned for water rates.

Joliet wants to eliminate the current 70 percent rebate on the daily water rate for homeowners as well as the 100 percent daily rebate for senior citizens.

Then the city would jack up water and sewer use charges by 35 percent followed by annual 5 percent water and sewer rate increases.

Homeowners also would face a 25 percent hike in their property taxes, generating $9 million, and a utility tax increase for another $3 million.

With the economy barely crawling back from its near-depression status, higher water rates and property taxes are the last things city homeowners need but an unfortunate reality that appears unavoidable but  could have been avoided if the current political faction would have been paying attention and not being asleep at the wheel.


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Joliet,Will County

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