Tax me hell, Voters will fire ya…

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Joliet IL-The Joliet City Council  has proposed a 35 percent rate increase this year in water and sewer rates with additional 5 percent hikes in each of the next two years. This would also include the elimination of some senior rebates, and the hikes are as high as 50 percent for some residents.The increase in water and sewer rates, which would take effect by Oct. 1 if approved.

taxreadyComment from: JolietJake2008

I guess we tax payers are going to have to pay the tax slavery plan that the Joliet city council is proposing. Joliet has mismanaged the money for years and nobody seems like they are accountable or has a clue why Joliet is in such dire straits, what I see is people being taxed out of their homes while the Joliet fat cats sit back and make these inane rulings.

While Joliet is pushing for this tax increase, city councilman Warren Dorris Dist. 5  is putting the screws to Joliet’s east-side business owners the small mom and pop shops for what reason(s) I don’t know, what I do know is the business owners are voicing their opinions in person to me and I see a pattern, these business owners are not some big corporate conglomerate like uhhh Speedway gas stations.

On another note: Will County is persecuting a business called simply sensual on the east end of Washington st, that sells adult items, which the Will County board gave the owner a business license, maybe they didn’t understand that ADULT means just that adult marital happiness aids…lol.. and now they regret their disillusions that convinced them to give the owner a business license.

Hey Joliet and Will County lets see if we can collectively understand this, tax payers are tired of your incompetence and your lack of management skills, Damn, if I was as incompetent as some on these boards and councils I would be fired…Now that’s a great idea, how about we voters fire all of your asses and start new.

The “Tax The Hell Out Of It attitude” has to go and your going to the unemployment line.


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3 responses to “Tax me hell, Voters will fire ya…”

  1. Rich (Joliet, Il) East-side says :

    I have to agree with you JJ, run a business on the east-side of Joliet and there is very little support for struggling businesses.

    we pay the taxes that are asked of us and what do we get in return, a bunch of lip service is all I get.

    When I asked Warren Dorris for assistance, I was made to feel that if I was black and not hispanic (which I am) I would maybe get our councilmen (warren) to get off his dead ass and do something. I guess maybe I need to grease his palm by donating to his campaign or something in that sort of line of thinking.. Then maybe I could be left to run my business without the Joliet handout squad looking for extra pocket money. Crooks run deep in Joliet and if this attitude and actions persist I will be forced to close my business, Obama wanted stimulus, this is not very stimulating to me..if I close up I will put 12 people out of work..

  2. Becky K. (Joliet, Il) East-side says :

    Rich and JJ

    I don’t know what Warrens game is but just last year I was forced out of business, I had a home based embroidery business,I was forced out by changing rules in local ordinances and I couldn’t make a living anymore.

    Warren Dist5 and the rest of them F#@$%N city council members sit on their high horses and make us business owners work for scraps, I have 2 kids and I was working for them so that they could have a better life, I guess I was wrong. I regret voting for Warren Dorris and like you said JJ, “I will not be voting for that racist Warren Dorris this time”

  3. Rev CJ Walters (joliet) says :

    “We can deal with the half a percentage” “But once you start layering and layering taxes, it does become an issue, because ultimately Joliet and WillCounty won’t be competitive.”

    Joliet/Will county will tax itself out of tourism business plus force out small businesses, tax incentives received through the Enterprise Zones are systematically being stripped away by the addition of more taxes.

    How would voters handle this ? Do you just go to your boss and tell him you need more money, and he gives you a raise? If he says he can’t afford to increase your income what then do you do? Do you continued on with your same spending habits or do you implement change? “Where there is smoke, there is probably some fire.” Or “You have to make sure you can see the forest through the trees.

    Use any cliché that you want, the end result is the same: Will County’s elected officials just don’t seem to get it, we can not afford their continued stupidity. Of course the county commissioners and city council members will argue they have made some long-term changes that will help the county get into the black over a period of time. Taxpayers have heard all the excuses: I don’t have all the answers. Shoot, I may not have any of them But don’t let anyone say that I didn’t offer some solutions rather than just throwing stones.
    If something isn’t done soon, the inevitable needed changes will be even more difficult.
    Think of it this way. We’ve all seen the doomsday-meteor movies, so we all should understand that the sooner we take action to deflect the meteor of a budget crisis, the better the chance of success.
    If the Local and County politicians doesn’t get-r-done voluntarily, the state may have to come in and make the decisions for them. I, for one, don’t trust Illinois state to understand what’s important to us in Will County, IL.

    “This reminds me of our federal budget. EVERY one knows the country is on its economical last legs, yet Congress just can’t resist adding the pork.”

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