Sandy Romberg Know as “Dutch”

I wanted to take a moment to say a few things about Sandy (Dutchmen) Romberg, Dutch has been having a bought with cancer, he is in Silver Cross hospital.

The Dutchmen has touched many lives, dutch is no big star, but he has touched the lives of many people all across the Will county area… I have watched the man over the years give of him self to his community and ask little in return for his efforts.

I pray that God takes away his pain that goes along with his bone cancer, it will be a sad day in Joliet and around Dutch’s hang out Loise’s resturaunt.

I have known Dutch for over 30 years he is a person that should always be cherised for his efforts, I would ask of any one that knows Dutch to send flowers, cards, or just say a prayer for him. Dutch is in room 4103 in Silver Cross Hospital.

My Prayer for The Dutchmen…….

God Bless Dutch in whatever it is that You know
he may be needing this day.
And may 
Dutch’s Life be full
of Your Peace, Prosperity and Power as
he seeks to have a closer relationship with You.
In Jesus Christ’s name I pray,
who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit
One God
forever and ever.


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Joliet,Will County

2 responses to “Sandy Romberg Know as “Dutch””

  1. Denise Romberg says :

    I am so sorry to say that Sandy lost his battle with bone cancer on August 23, 2009.
    It is very sad for our family and we are having a hard time with our loss.
    Thank you so much for the very kind words about Sandy.
    Denise Romberg

  2. The guys at Louise's says :

    I, larry and Rich feel your sorrow, I knew Dutch for many years and my heart is heave now that he is gone…

    From The guys at Louise’s we will miss him greatly.

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