Health care who deserves it? Just a thought.

54_Lange-ClownPresident Obama said  that the “basic standard of decency” requires that illegal aliens be provided emergency room care even if they don’t have insurance if they need treatment. He had previously said that illegals would not be eligible for medical care under his plan. It’s a giant sucking sound on the system, why does obama keep using the 43 million un-insured number when he knows that includes illegals…This to me inflates the numbers and gives false validity to his already failing health care plan.

Then look at the MAYBE effect, this may cause a trickle down affect in the Government health care: Ann Coulter Obama”s Plan Encourages Assisted suicide … true this is whats now proposed for the American Vets, but how hard would  it be for the same government to pass this Assisted suicide toward senior citizens and the feeble if given enough power by the masses.

Are we really Worried about American healthcare Or managing the entire life history of each and every american | so what then and what do we do when we give absolute power away? This is insanity.. moronic lunatics are coming to an asylum near you.

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