California Cartage Co jobs comming

California Cartage Co. has just completed a 374,460-square-foot industrial lease within Ryan Companies US Inc.’s Laraway Crossings Business Park in Joliet.

The California Cartage, a Long Beach, Calif., transportation and logistics firm, will relocate and significantly expand its local operations at this new location, 251 Laraway Road. The company previously occupied a 213,977-square-foot building in Elwood, 10 minutes away from its new location.

With this lease, the two buildings at Laraway Crossings, totaling approximately 849,600 square feet, are 100 percent leased.

“Over the last several years, there were a lot of speculative developments running on the same track,” says Gunther Lubben, director of development, Ryan Companies US, Inc. “Then the market collapsed. For the long-haul, we like this submarket. It now needs some time to correct itself.”

The California Cartage Co. has more than 3 million square feet of warehouse space located at major port, border and transit areas across the nation, and three locations along the Mexican border.


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