An e-mail from a reader!

An e-mail from a reader!

You know that you are going to have a bad day when: 1) You are a politician coming up for re-election and your previously cloaked business dealings have suddenly become local media front page news, 2) When you refuse to answer questions for the media by replying that “I will respond to your questions sometime after the upcoming election is over”, or 3) You don’t even make the personal effort to personally talk to the reporters but instead issue your statement through one of your public relations staffers.

In our Will County Executive’s case, the answer would be “A-B-& C or all of the above.” Just a couple comments for you on today’s article so that you know:

“Every piece of property that we farmed for CenterPoint we had been farming for someone else,” Walsh said;

The real facts: The original buyer of the farm from Steffes Brothers was “not” CenterPoint but instead was a thug and his cohorts that (through threats and intimidation) convinced Steffes Brothers to sell their 370 acre property to them. Granted, they did pay Steffes a fair price but “how” they convinced Steffes to sell their land via intimidation and threats tells you a lot about who this original buyer really is. This thug immediately told Steffes Brothers that they would no longer be allowed to continue farming the land for his group as they had already obtained a new “unnamed” tenant to farm it. Within a year, this thug and his friends “flipped” this piece of property over to CenterPoint’s ownership. CenterPoint has “graciously decided” to allow the new tenant (Larry Walsh & his 3 sons) to continue to farm this land even though Steffes approached CenterPoint with an offer to try to get to farm it again. CenterPoint never made their decision as to who should farm it based on which tenant offered them the most money or the best deal but rather it was decided by the “Who’s Who Listamong the political influence peddlers in Will County. The Steffes family could tell you the name of the thug and his group who leaned on them to sell their farm. This guy’s name pops up on Google for a multitude of other federal investigations and infractions. I looked it up once and saw this. I wish that I could still remember the guy’s name but too much time has passed and my memory fails me. Nice guy to be associated with, huh? Specifically if you happen to hold a public office of trust!

Dan Kennison needs to state that “Walsh and any of his related family members need to make public all the cash-rent agreements AND ANY OTHER financial arrangements that they’ve EVER had with CenterPoint.”

It is my firm belief that this third-party (The Thug) that originally bought this farmland from Steffes Brothers (as well as other huge chunks of land within the former Joliet Army Ammunition Plant for I believe a small dollar amount per acre ($1,000? per acre) conveniently served as a means to cover up the trail (divert attention) and obscure the intended real owner of this property. Former Governor George Ryan (another Illinois politician who is not necessarily known for his public service as much as for his own “self-service’) went out of his way to speed up and aid this whole CenterPoint Land Development deal to go down quickly and quietly.

I invite Larry Walsh to submit an interview to state his point! ( I really don’t expect a response)!

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Married Father of 4 and Grand father of 2. Active in local politics, Veteran, American Legion Commander, Student. Candidate for various local offices.

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