Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn│I Believe..Not

 JOLIET — Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn announced his department will begin fiscal year 2010 with some changes.

“We’ve begun preparation to move the day-to-day accounting duties from the auditor’s office into the Finance Department beginning Dec, 1.” Blackburn said. “Due to the rapid growth in the county, this move will help the two departments become more effective.”

“This restructuring will be advantageous to our office in making it more independent, and ultimately making the county more accountable and transparent,” he said.

(LOL) and I believe in Easter Bunny too.

The planned schedule going forward includes the preparation and cross-training of employees in the months of October and November and by Dec. 1 to reach an overall staff reduction of 60 percent, half of which will be transitioned to the expanded Finance Department.


County board finance committee Chairman Ed Kusta acknowledged the restructuring will be beneficial in keeping the county operating financially sound

Financially sound ?

.Here comes the Will County Twist are you tax payers ready…..

“The silver lining to every economic downturn is the overall reduction of the size of government at all levels,” Kusta said. “My hat is off to County Executive Walsh and the county board, through the leadership of Chairman Jim Moustis, as well as Auditor Blackburn and all other elected officials and department heads for rising to the challenge and making the reductions necessary to keep the county financially healthy.”Added Blackburn, “The timing is really perfect. We have a new auditor, a new finance committee chairman, and we are entering a new fiscal year.”

Well we tax payers will see for our selves and judge for our selves..


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4 responses to “Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn│I Believe..Not”

  1. Jim Backer says :

    Now that is funny JJ, I see your still into photo shop.

    I do agree, why now and why the big push to combine the operations? what the hell is it going to cost us for this that blackburn wants.

  2. never mind says :

    This is the same Duffy Blackburn who realized, just after the election, that he had access to a free car in connection with his elective office… and (unlike the prior auditor) said thanks but no thanks.

  3. jake nahorski says :

    If you dont like how this county is run, move to Jalisco, Mexico.

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