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You know your a racist when a race-baiter says so.

*Are you a racist? According to Jesse Jackson, if you oppose Obama’s plan for socialized medicine in the United States, you are. And you’re a racist even if you’re black! Yes, incredible as it may seem, the premier race-baiter in America, the so-called “Reverend” Jesse Jackson, told a crowd at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation that “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.” His remarks were aimed at Rep. Artur Davis, a black congressman from Alabama who voted against the measure. Good for you, Artur. Please stand up to that loud-mouthed bully.

Do I disagree with the health care plan? I do, and guess that makes me a racist…..Definition of Race baiter : Race baiting is the use of racially derisive language, actions or other forms of communication, to anger, intimidate or incite a person or groups of people.

Will County sheriff’s deputy was a BAD BOY…

A lawsuit filed by Braidwood couple against a Will County sheriff’s deputy asks that a video camera on his house aimed at their house be removed because it’s frightening them and affecting their health.

The lawsuit, filed by Sherry Boyer, 60, and her husband, Mark Boyer, 49, also accuses Michael Nalley of pursuing a sexual relationship with Sherry Boyer beginning in July 2008 and making lewd comments to her from his patrol car as she walked her dog.

The Boyers say they were once good friends with Michael Nalley and his wife, Sara, their neighbors across Main Street, barbecuing and eating out together in Braidwood, southwest of Joliet.

But something changed, leading the Boyers in October 2008 to file a complaint with the sheriff’s internal affairs office. They detailed the alleged lewd remarks as well as what they said were items received from Nalley that he said he’d confiscated from people during his police job. The items included two beer kegs taken from underage drinking parties, they said.

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Waiting for the other shoe to fall Joliet, Illinois

Here we are at another holiday year and everyone is wishing others happy tidings, yet there is an underlined error about to take place at Joliet city hall…It’s the rising of money out of your pocket, you have money to buy gifts but NOT for extra taxes, nor would we ask for such a thing, but the thinking of the Joliet city council is that if you got money for toys you have money to fix the failing Joliet city council..

Do we tax payers hear (city council) say: I will give up half of my pay!
I know that will never happen..But they expect us to do with out while they still have jobs and continue to make bad dessisions in the name of the people that elected them.. Here is the latest brain child of the Dumkoffs.
Vehicle stickers?

Alston and others have urged the city to bring back a vehicle sticker fee, James Alston commented: November 17, 2009 Joliet wasn’t the only government that taxpayers had to worry about..  Ξ Note to self : How much would it cost to to start making the vehicle stickers that have to be printed? usually the one that speaks up when a fart is let is the one that did it to begin with.. and to me that means, I move my business out of Joliet and my taxes goes with me.Ξ

City officials, however, said they are reluctant to rely on vehicle stickers because about 30 percent of the public avoids paying for them, and they could cost some residents more than a property tax increase.

City Manager Thomas Thanas said the city estimates it could collect about $1.5 million with the return of the vehicle sticker fee, but that compares to the $8.6 million expected from the proposed hike in the property tax.

“Then we have 30 percent of our neighbors who don’t pay it (the sticker fee),” Thanas said.

Even with enforcement Thanas said, the noncompliance rate on vehicle stickers tends to be high.

I bet after the election the reluctance to over tax our asses will go Bye Bye………Vote like our pocket books depend on it. A dollar you might save may be you own…!!

Re-tool , Re-build, and Re-place  Joliet city council.

Ps..What cracks me up personally : is all the back stabbing going on in Joliet’s city hall and they think were to stupid as tax payers to know what, who and when we have been screwed in the past. Shetina said: “I can’t get up here and play hero with you and say I’m not going to raise your taxes,” Shetina said. “Somebody has to be responsible.”

‘That’s true somebody has to be responsible, Duh’ shouldn’t it be the ones we pay our taxes too….We all ready did our part and paid the damn taxes? ”

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Having grown up in the shadow of the “Daley” chicago MOB machine I would say that Mayor daley is nothing more than a product of that same machine. He is TOLD what to think and has NO idea what to say or do except what the MOB tells him to do. So IF you or anyone has to be told that GUNs kill people, then you probably will enjoy slavery and govt control! When the nations of any country gets your guns, they get YOU! When Obama, and Reid and Pelosi and the liberals get our health care as they have gotten the car industry and the banking industry etc then they will go after the guns and they WILL get US! If people are so ignorant and so lax in daily life so as to let the govt take control they will! They are doing so by “STEALTH” and people refuse to see it!!!

Joliet’s Liars and Thieves oh it’s city council.

I recently read online a CNN Money article “10 States Face Financial Peril,” and wouldn’t you know it — Illinois was on the list.

In fact, as far as budget gaps go, we’re No. 2 behind California. Sweet! However, those of us rooted in reality don’t need a CNN Money article to tell us how bad things are.

We feel it every day, and I suspect we’re about to feel it even more.

I have been reading with great interest Bob Okon’s articles in the Herald Spew news about the Joliet City Council debating a property tax increase to make up for what I can only call failure to save for a rainy day.

In Okon’s Nov. 8 article, did he really write of some council members, “Others who voted for it took pains to show that a vote for the increase now could always change to a vote against it later”?

I had to do a double take. That sounded very much like a flip-flop made famous by John Kerry when he said, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.”

I would love to know which members can be attributed to those thoughts, but I’m very grateful to Okon for keeping us some what informed.

My initial reaction to the city council considering this property tax hike is who in their right mind would institute a tax hike during a recession? Surely, it would be political suicide.

But, as I mulled this question over, I came to the conclusion that the city council can do whatever it wants. Go ahead — raise our taxes! Your jobs are safe! We don’t care.

We don’t show up for elections, and those that do obviously don’t care about our future.

What other reason could there be for a majority of voters who continually keep this nonsense alive? Our city is pretty much bankrupt. Our state is pretty much bankrupt. What will it take?

What is the straw that will break the camel’s back? That’s the million-dollar question.

I’m not a politition but a political email

Males point of view:

True I am not a women and do not feel that abortion is an answer to anything yet I will say this, the woman’s body is not mine and I have no control over what she may do with her body nor will I stand in judgment of any women that may make that decision to abort.

Is Pro-Choice the same as Pro-Abortion? Pro-life people say “abortion is bad”. Pro-abortion people say “abortion is good”. Pro-choice advocates say “The government should be making personal decisions like that “. It’s not about abortion. It’s about who gets to make the decisions. If you take this choice away then take away the right to vote, to have children in the first place, take away all rights and liberties.

About at this moment I can hear the boo’s emanating all across the readership, if a women asked me to pay for an abortion it would be like me paying a hit man to off someone and at no point would I do that.

Do you really want to abdicate that much of your personal freedom and choice to a group of politicians or preachers? Do people really want to live in a country where state legislatures can decide who can be pregnant, and who cannot, and who must? Do people really have that much trust and faith in government that they think the legislature will always make the right choices? Because we’ll be stuck with those decisions.

most people would not choose to have an abortion but think that it should be available to those who need it or want it. If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one.