My money not yours…(Joliet city council or Will County)

Here we go again.

The Joliet city officials are looking to raise the property taxes and don’t give a shit about the failures of their past or the people that have to pay these damn taxes. The city council is getting old and I feel they have lost touch with what makes Joliet Illinois great.

look at Art Schultz, how old is he anyway? this guy is in the hospital more then he is in the mayors office. the council found out just the other night at the city council meeting that the residents are getting tired of the over taxing of property even though the property values are down in Will county and Joliet. There is a big out cry from the people of Joliet, people are tired and going broke, where are we supposed to get these extra tax dollars they want (should we pull them out of our butts.

The days of the pet projects like the “No smoking issue of Tim Brophy Dist. 2” this hurt Joliet financially, and think back over the last 10 years on all of the stupid ideas that has come out of the Joliet city council, Oohh, lets not for get the constant need to feed the Will County board also. It’s not the city councils check book, an Open-ended checkbook is unsound business. how often in the past do  they (the city council) worry what it costs us when they screw the hell up with our tax dollars, “Our” government looks at us as if we were one giant check book. … They screw up and we have to come out of pocket to fix what they have fucked up.

Oh I know there is them out there that is reading this and saying what’s that got to do with anything, Well, revenue lost is revenue that will never be recovered, am I and the rest of the people in Joliet and Will county are supposed to put up with mismanagement of our tax dollars?  This morning I heard Scott Slocum from Wjol radio say: that what was in the past, we can’t worry about that, to me that is a typical political anwser. Well I would have to differ with Slocum.

I say: when it comes to bad decisions? Do we over look mistakes? Or do we correct mistakes by strong actions of the voters. Do we voters keep the same regime?  Do we vote them out?  What’s the answer(s?)

Let your pocket book or wallet tell you how to vote, that’s the answer…!!

Despite to the city’s low median income calculation that I found on the net, from my understanding the council has determined that taxes must be higher to qualify for federal stimulus funds (or low interest loans) made available by Congress. Is Joliet CITY COUNCIL: Raising Fees and taxes to Qualify for Stimulus money? Ask your city council members, the cost of this stimulus money and how much these dollars that will be mismanaged anyway is going to cost me as a tax payer. Thus the higher property tax plan. We cannot, without the grossest corruption on the highest level, appropriate this money as taxes for the payment of a debt that is due of gross mismanagement. They have not the semblance of authority to appropriate it as workable fund. Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. Now I really see: Obama’s Tax Cut for 95% of Americans was an Illusion, cut the tax and the states raise it back up or above the status quos.

 Also on a personal note: To the city council member that called Moi an uneducated dolt at the Joliet subway restaurant Today, She said; that I try to create discontent among the readers and the tax payers of Will County ILL. I say this to you: Bite me, I hope that I am clear enough for you elitists political so called educated idiots, it is my ass out there working for what I have earned and contrary to popular opinion, it’s my money not yours…(Joliet city council or Will County) I will not allow you to spread my wealth, nor will I vote for your incompetent asses. The so-called city property tax – is the city’s largest revenue source by far – is this property tax? Or is it a payroll for Dumb decisions.


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