Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Having grown up in the shadow of the “Daley” chicago MOB machine I would say that Mayor daley is nothing more than a product of that same machine. He is TOLD what to think and has NO idea what to say or do except what the MOB tells him to do. So IF you or anyone has to be told that GUNs kill people, then you probably will enjoy slavery and govt control! When the nations of any country gets your guns, they get YOU! When Obama, and Reid and Pelosi and the liberals get our health care as they have gotten the car industry and the banking industry etc then they will go after the guns and they WILL get US! If people are so ignorant and so lax in daily life so as to let the govt take control they will! They are doing so by “STEALTH” and people refuse to see it!!!

About The Angry Jolietan

Joliet,Will County

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