Waiting for the other shoe to fall Joliet, Illinois

Here we are at another holiday year and everyone is wishing others happy tidings, yet there is an underlined error about to take place at Joliet city hall…It’s the rising of money out of your pocket, you have money to buy gifts but NOT for extra taxes, nor would we ask for such a thing, but the thinking of the Joliet city council is that if you got money for toys you have money to fix the failing Joliet city council..

Do we tax payers hear (city council) say: I will give up half of my pay!
I know that will never happen..But they expect us to do with out while they still have jobs and continue to make bad dessisions in the name of the people that elected them.. Here is the latest brain child of the Dumkoffs.
Vehicle stickers?

Alston and others have urged the city to bring back a vehicle sticker fee, James Alston commented: November 17, 2009 Joliet wasn’t the only government that taxpayers had to worry about..  Ξ Note to self : How much would it cost to to start making the vehicle stickers that have to be printed? usually the one that speaks up when a fart is let is the one that did it to begin with.. and to me that means, I move my business out of Joliet and my taxes goes with me.Ξ

City officials, however, said they are reluctant to rely on vehicle stickers because about 30 percent of the public avoids paying for them, and they could cost some residents more than a property tax increase.

City Manager Thomas Thanas said the city estimates it could collect about $1.5 million with the return of the vehicle sticker fee, but that compares to the $8.6 million expected from the proposed hike in the property tax.

“Then we have 30 percent of our neighbors who don’t pay it (the sticker fee),” Thanas said.

Even with enforcement Thanas said, the noncompliance rate on vehicle stickers tends to be high.

I bet after the election the reluctance to over tax our asses will go Bye Bye………Vote like our pocket books depend on it. A dollar you might save may be you own…!!

Re-tool , Re-build, and Re-place  Joliet city council.

Ps..What cracks me up personally : is all the back stabbing going on in Joliet’s city hall and they think were to stupid as tax payers to know what, who and when we have been screwed in the past. Shetina said: “I can’t get up here and play hero with you and say I’m not going to raise your taxes,” Shetina said. “Somebody has to be responsible.”

‘That’s true somebody has to be responsible, Duh’ shouldn’t it be the ones we pay our taxes too….We all ready did our part and paid the damn taxes? ”

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One response to “Waiting for the other shoe to fall Joliet, Illinois”

  1. Deb says :

    There are no Joliet City Council seats up for election in 2010.

    The next election will be for the District Council seats (i.e., Districts 1-5) and the Mayor. These will not be up for election (or re-election, as is the case in Joliet) until April of 2011.

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