Who is the Joliet City council think they are fooling….YOU!!

After the long holiday weekend, millions of Americans are returning to work today. And thanks to the economy, 4 million aren’t. Why is that you may ask? Now if you have to ask that then you have been living under a rock some place.

I can only speak of local issues but lately there has been a lot of grand standing by the local Joliet city council, one day you hear the news that property taxes, parking, and other miscellaneous fees are going up, then the next day or a week later you hear the contradictory statements coming from the same city council members that the Fees, Taxes and other money generators are now going to give us lowly tax payers a break…”Damn it” I know when I am being pandered to, and this BS of raising up and then lowering the price is just what Wal-mart or car lots do to make the consumer think they are getting a break price when in fact your still paying a 300 % mark-up.

Merry Christmas to the City council of Joliet, Illinois may your term of employment be  short and your hunger be as strong as many will in Joliet by your proposed Fees and Taxes. I am appalled that to date local council taxes has been allowed to increase to extortionate proportions, but where  income has not been allowed to increase.

I  assume that the local Joliet city council and the Will County government has deliberately underfunded the city and county of Joliet, Illinois with the intention to simply increase  taxes by an equivalent or higher amount to pay for all of the new services and targets that they now tell us they must deliver. Clearly this means  to me that in fact the council and the Will county board must think we as tax payers are stupid.

Hey Joliet City Council Google This   Why is my job in Jeopardy?


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2 responses to “Who is the Joliet City council think they are fooling….YOU!!”

  1. John says :

    Why do you always lump Will County government with City of Joliet government. Are you unaware they these are two separate bodies?

  2. willcountywatcher says :


    Do you have a problem reading or are you just a Democrat, What am I have been saying about both have a lot in common…Government is just that government and to differentiate between them, would mean that I would have to give credit to one of them. The city of Joliet and Will county is in dire straits from these roosting politicians, do we have want to keep the status quot.

    frankly John we can’t afford to keep the current Blistered butt politicians..
    Unless your getting some kind of kick back from the local politicians then who in there right mind would vote for these fools at election time.

    Feel free to comment back if you have coherent thoughts..

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