Joliet Tea party is a go for Dec 9 2009

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Joliet, Illinois seems to produce outstanding Tea Partiers. The proof: All the great events put on by Joliet Tax Day Tea Party. Yet another great, free U.S. Senate and Congressional candidates event is planned, this time for December 9. Here are the details, straight from Joliet:

What: “Tea Party” Candidates Forum – Dec. 9th – Illinois U.S. Senate / U.S. Congress 11th District (see the candidates list below. Note: Democrats have been invited but seem to be snubbing the tea partiers.)

Where: Holiday Inn (Louis Joliet Ballroom) 411 S. Larkin, Joliet, IL 60436

Please Register Here: The forum is free, but please register so they can gauge attendance. No ticket will be required at door, but as a courtesy, please let them know you’re coming.

More Info: Free Admission, Live Band (Debbie K & Freedom Band) Slide Show, Candidate Forum, Meet the Candidates, Streaming Video Live on the Internet, Cash Bar, Fellow Patriots. What else can you want?

We have asked them to hear us. They have agreed. Please be there!!!

Restore power to people

Appropriate sentiments
November 28, 2009 Article from the Herald News

‘W e the people.” A simple phrase with a quaint, almost nostalgic ring to it. Nostalgic as in, “Remember the good old days when ‘we the people’ really meant something?” It once meant so much that it was specifically chosen to be the first line in the U.S. Constitution. Why? Because this nation, and all the governments it contains, can get power only from the people. At least that’s how is used to be.

Much has happened since then. Mainly we, the people, have neglected our government and ceded power and control to corrupt and greedy corporate honchos and politicians. Don’t be fooled, they are one in the same, undeniably fused at the hip. That’s why I call them “corporaticians.”

Where have these “corporaticians” led us?

• To a government that keeps a straight face when it announces a jobless recovery while rewarding monumental failure with bonuses.
• To a national power structure that literally values corporate profit over human life and rewards its citizens with more taxes and fees while destroying the economy and taking away their jobs to claim more profit.
• To governments on all levels that prove right the adage that the easiest money to spend is someone else’s. And spend it they do, recklessly and with impunity.

Are we serious when we look to these same corporaticians to make real changes to a Frankenstein system they’ve created and controlled, and from which they benefit from to the tune of billions of dollars?

Isn’t that like asking an arsonist to fireproof your house?

The real problem we are up against is singular and fundamental; rampant, selfish greed and corruption on all levels. Everything else, from health care to lobbyists and economic reform to campaign reform, are just symptoms.

The solution has to be just as fundamental. And it can only come from a fundamental level, the people. The Constitution empowered the people and said nothing of Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives.

We have to move past the fear, anxiety, frustration and divisiveness created by the corporaticians.

Yes, at this point it has become an us-against-them proposition, and some of our very few good leaders may be sacrificed.

I’m suggesting a vital movement of monolithic proportions, but it has to begin somewhere. Let’s start it small right here in Will County. There will be no preconceived agendas or ulterior motives. Any group that presently exists, any politician currently in office, is already serving a master. We need a new, grass-roots organization solely aimed at taking back our government and replacing corporaticians with real citizens. If you feel the same, contact me and let’s begin bringing meaning back to “We the people.”

Write to Larry E. Hug of Joliet at


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3 responses to “Joliet Tea party is a go for Dec 9 2009”

  1. joliet tea party says :

    Thanks for the press ..will you be coming? Let us know

  2. willcountywatcher says :

    Yes I will be there with bells on and I will make sure that I am standing up to be counted…..Keep up the good work, this will be a hard fight and that is one thing I never back away from.

  3. Phil says :

    Just returned from the forum. I was hoping to see you there!

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