xboxlive Joliet residents want to Know why?

Id like to know WHY Will County makes me pay for children’s school taxes when we have no children and do not plan to have any children.
What I think they should do.. figure out how much each child costs for the taxes, and tax families appropriately. ie, if you have 4 kids, you pay 3 times more than a family with one child.. and so on.. id be happy to pay a small portion, but its unfair to me to have us pay more for this.
also, we found out that if you have a dual vanity sink, and a seperate tub and shower in one bathroom, they bill you for 2 bathrooms for the same room.. why?
speaking of buildings.. WHY does Will County charge you a ton more if you have any brick on the outside of your home?
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aka Mike

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8 responses to “xboxlive Joliet residents want to Know why?”

  1. Jim Backer says :

    Mike what you need to do is petition your taxes down like most of us do, the duel bathroom status is Will counties ripp-off tax clause and they need to be challenged on that, I have the same situation in my home as you do so keep up the fight.

    I agree that the schools need to tax the parents not the people with out kids, also they need to start taxing people on how many kids they have in our school districts like the Mexicans that will have 2 to 4 families living in one home but are paying very little or nothing for their kids to be in our schools.

    Lets try to figure out what it cost to educate each kid in dollar and cents and then we can figure out who to tax by a special census on how many kids are in each home, kids have to give their home addresses to the school, bingo now you know who to tax.

  2. Definition Rule says :

    bonjie I know you from xboxlive and I have to agree also with what you and Jim said, I am at the point where I think I am being penalized for not having any children and this taxing me because of no children amounts to blackmail and extortion, I also think we X-boxers and everyone else needs to look into having the ACLU or some other law group look into this.

    How can we as home owners be charged a use tax on something we are not even using like the school districts, what next tax us for churches in the area?

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  3. Disturbed and Pissed says :

    I never thought for a minute that Joliet would tax us out of our home but lately I feel the pinch and I don’t like being pinched.

    I like others in Joliet is ban together and take on Joliet and Will county and get these F@##N politicians out of office we can’t stand for this Sh#t, I would rather spend my tax dollars on fighting them them paying them their extortion money.

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  4. Shorewood, Ill says :

    I don’t live in Joliet, I live in Shorewood, Ill but I know what everyone is talking about and it is getting to the point where I and my family can’t afford basic thing to live, I work hard and am broke as quick as I make the money….I voted for change, not to have only change in my pocket.

    I know what I want to say but I don’t think the blog owner would allow it, all curse words..Lol

    My taxes are breaking my back and with that happening my children have to suffer. I and my wife daily have to juggle the bills so that my kids have enough to eat and a place to sleep.

    I or my family should not have to move out of our home because of the taxes.

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  5. Jerald Willson says :

    In Joliet>>Lets just tar and feather these politicians and be done with it, I can’t even afford my meds now because of what they are asking me to pay for taxes.

    Theses Fuck’n people need to get out of my pocket, I earned it and I will spend it where I want to not where they want me to….Charity starts at home, I am tired of paying for their screw ups with our tax dollars.

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  6. Bonjie says :

    thanks for the kind responses. Ive never organized a committee to talk to people like will county or joliet.. so .. im in on that, if someone wants to guide us through it.. who’s in? maybe start small by having some town meetings??

  7. Phil says :

    “I voted for change, not to have only change in my pocket.”

    Be careful what you wish for it might come true!

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