Blogger gets press release on Drew Peterson

(PRNewsChannel) / December 14, 2009 / Chicago, Ill. / There’s another defense lawyer joining the team representing Drew Peterson. He makes it official today.

Joliet Attorney George D. Lenard is licensed to practice in five states and has 21 years of criminal defense experience.

Peterson is charged with murder in connection with the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio. His fourth wife Stacy vanished more than two years ago, but he has not been charged in connection with her disappearance. Peterson denies wrongdoing in both cases. He’s in the Will County jail awaiting trial.

“We are very pleased that George will be joining our team. He is not only a great lawyer who has won many cases in Will County, he also has an in depth knowledge of the legal practices and procedures in Will County,” says Peterson’s lead defense attorney Joel A. Brodsky.  “His 21 years of experience in criminal defense will make Drew’s team stronger.”

“There is a tremendous amount of work that we have been doing. At every court appearance, the State’s Attorney office has at least 5 or more people appearing on the case. When you add someone like George D. Lenard, you are clearly going for quality as opposed to quantity.”

“George has been consulting with the defense team for months,” says Andrew Abood, Peterson’s other criminal defense lawyer. “Today’s appearance in the case simply formalizes that role. The fact that he is located in Joliet will make it easier for us to respond to any issues that might arise that need an immediate response.”

Lenard says he’s looking forward to his role on the defense team.

“Attorneys Joel Brodsky, Reem Odeh and Andrew Abood are committed to provide Drew Peterson with the best defense possible. I look forward to helping them achieve that goal,” Lenard says.

About George D. Lenard: George Lenard is licensed to practice law in Illinois, California, Florida, Arizona, and Michigan. He is a former assistant Will County State’s attorney and also is a member of the Illinois Capital Litigation Trial Bar Screening Committee, a panel responsible for investigating the qualifications of lawyers applying to represent clients in capital cases.

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