Halvorson acts like, Staff “Adopted-a-Room” at Local Charity Photo Op.

Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson and her staff  spent 5 minutes volunteering at Joliet’s Daybreak Center, giving a acting performance like it was a “extreme makeover” Oh yea she was donating furnishings that other supporters gave her so that she looks good.

Halvorson said

“Giving back is so important right now, and Daybreak Shelter is such an important place for our community. During this holiday season, I hope everyone considers donating some of their time to helping others,” said Halvorson. yea five minutes from all of will county would be great.

Lead by example Mrs Halverson. I would ask Halvorson this: where is the jobs, homeless people need them also…Enough photo op’s do your Job Halverson and quit trying to get peoples minds off your lousy track record….

About The Angry Jolietan

Joliet,Will County

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