No insurance ⁄ Cell Phone may get you put in Jail Jan 1st 2010


Starting Jan. 1, those found driving without insurance in accidents causing bodily harm will be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor instead of a traffic citation.

Although the new laws have received widespread approval by law enforcement and the public since they were announced in August, questions still linger as to whether the new regulations will serve as an effective deterrent.

Other methods of enforcement would entail the use of stationary and roving patrols, similar to the type already used for traffic patrols and anti-drunken-driving details.⁄

Cell phone

Secretary of State spokesman Dave Drucker said police also will have the ability to subpoena phone records after a serious accident to determine whether text messages were being sent or received at the time of a crash.

Distracted driving caused by cell phone use has gained increased attention in recent years. This summer, police in Great Britain released a public service announcement that has received worldwide attention because of its graphic depiction of a fatal accident caused by a driver who was distracted from the road because she was composing a text message.

A large factor in answering that question comes down to enforcement, and police agencies throughout the state will be assigned with the task of catching violators.

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