Will County GOP, Illinois

Will County GOP Chairman Dick Kavanagh has been getting a lot of heat over a vote he made last week at the county convention. Numerous committeemen expressed their outrage on Illinois Review’s post “Uproar at Will County GOP Convention” that Kavanagh chose to vote for the precincts without elected GOP committeemen, turning the committeemen’s choice upside down. Kavanagh’s vote re-elected his favored candidate — 11th CD’s Bobbie Peterson — back into her spot on the IL GOP’s State Central Committee. The committeemen had voted overwhelmingly for Corey Singer, but when Kavanagh exercised his right to vote the non-represented precincts, the election went to Peterson. IR ran into Kavanagh at the Bill Brady kickoff in Addison Sunday, so we asked him his thoughts about the brewing controversy. “You’re getting a lot of heat about what happened last Wednesday,” we said… “I don’t care,” Kavanagh said. Voting for non-represented precincts is in the IL GOP’s rules, it’s legal and Ms. Peterson was his choice over challenger Corey Singer, he said. “And anyway, I announced my plans to vote those votes the month before, they knew what I planned to do ahead of time. No one said a word about it until after it was over.” The rules have been in place for 35 years, he said, but perhaps there needed to be changes made, especially when the congressional districts overlap into Cook County. There IL GOP township commiteemen vote for the precinct captains, he said. Perhaps that should be addressed in the future. “There’s no regrets about what happened last Wednesday,” Kavanagh said.

Pence Calls on Pelosi to Reveal Special Deals in Health Care Bill http://www.gop.gov/blog/10/03/16/pence-calls-on-pelosi-to

Watch Rep. Mike Pence (IN) talking health care on “Hannity”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkVbMOZBTss

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  1. Phil says :

    What Dick did is what the Democrats have been doing in Washington since the 2008 elections. Usurping the will of the people and stealing the vote from the duly elected representatives!

    What we have in our Township Chairman is an individual that will do whatever he wants whether the constituency likes it or not. Obviously he knows better than the voters do who the best person for the job is.
    One of the phrases I have heard as a committeeman and Vice Chairman is, “I’m sick of having to decide between the lesser of two evils”. Why doesn’t the Republican Party send us more conservative candidates? Because they don’t exercise control over these candidates!

    In the 14 years that Bobbie Peterson has been our state delegate we have been presented with such fine candidates as George Ryan and Jud Baar Topinka. If you are a Republican, or even barely conscious you understand that George single-handedly destroyed the Republican Party in Illinois with the graft and corruption that followed him throughout his tenure as Secretary of State and Governor. To think that no one in the Central Committee knew of this is absolutely preposterous. Not only was there knowledge but complicity on the part of the State Republican Party. Judy Baar Topinka was at best a joke among the Committeemen who have the job of “selling” candidates to the voters. I can no longer go door to door trying to muster votes for candidates that I wouldn’t vote for. The greater loss, in the long run, is the good local candidates we have running for County Offices. As time has progressed I have noticed a definite reduction of interest in the Joliet Township Republican Organization by the Committeemen and our Chairman, Chuck McCauley.

    As a result of Mr. Kavanaugh’s decision to nullify our vote I have decided that The Republican Party is no longer a good fit for me and have resigned my duties and Committeeman and Joliet Township Vice-Chairman. If anyone would like to represent the Joliet 30th precinct as Committeeman or Joliet Township as Vice-Chairman I would recommend that you contact Chuck Mc Cauley at 815-531-4441.

    I have contacted the American Conservative Party with the intent of starting a chapter in Will County. If anyone is interested please contact me at doanywordswork@yahoo.com

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