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Death in the Street’s

St Pats is gearing up for another round of firefights and mayhem and no one really gives a damn!,Two-wounded-Joliet-shooting_JOP042110.article

phil wrote:

I live about 3 blocks from where this occurred. The problem is multi-faceted. First and foremost most but not all of the problems originate from rental property owned by Protown Properties. The police know where the problems exist and so does the City Council. For years we have tried to get the City to take a stance on these properties that are snapped up by Protown before they ever hit the market. Someone on the city payroll alerts Protown as soon as the properties are vacated by, usually, older owners who have recently died or are being put into care facilities by their relatives. Once bought, Protown comes in and meets “minimum” standards for renting these single family homes. The city absolutely refuses to intervene and most of these homes are than being rented out to individuals that have been displaced by the dismantling of Chicago’s CHA “Projects”. Richard Daley’s attempt to rid himself of gang violence in the “Projects” of Chicago by tearing down these buildings and giving vouchers to the criminal element who resided there and a bus ticket to Joliet is nothing more than criminal. I have lived here 15 years and the problem has grown substantially in the last 2-3 years. We previously had “Want to Be Gangsters” hanging on the corners and selling drugs on the streets. Now we have the real thing shooting up our neighborhood in an attempt to secure the area for the Gangster Disciples. The city knows who are the problem makers, the police know who are the problem makers and the residents know who the problem makers are, and no one will do anything.
I believe the reason nothing happens is because first our “Councilman” Warren Dorris doesn’t want the problem fixed because of his racial prejudice and lack of interest in this neighborhood. Secondly I believe that one or more of the “Councilmen” make a profit on Protown’s purchase of these properties.
Lastly The St. Pat’ Neighborhood Association is inept, corrupted and lap dogs for our Council members. They have in the past had opportunities to have the candidates at forums in an attempt to search for a more competent representative for our area but because of several members’ personal relationship with these elected officials this was blocked and never came to be. As long as we are willing to put up with the corrupted elected representatives in Joliet nothing will change.

Phillip Cleary