politically X-rated

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10 responses to “politically X-rated”

  1. Jim R. says :

    Joliet Jake you are off the wall dude, I picked this link up on twitter…That guy that does the artwork is great..I agree with all of your stuff.

  2. Steve Cummings says :

    I have to admit that is some great artwork and that subject matter is right on board with how many of us Tea Party members feel, Incumbents need to go and we need to get some new blood in government to make real change and not the bull that we was promised by Obama.

  3. Bob Wilkerson says :

    Right on power to the people….

  4. sandy burnum says :

    Great looking art work, howdy neighbor…You said I would be amazed at what you had ready to show here.

    I copied all of it and am going to get started emailing everyone.

  5. larry W. says :

    That is bullshit and you need to stop with this kind of crap, who are you to tell the people of willcounty Illinois how and who to vote for.

    You need to be sued for the stuff you choose to place here.

    • Willcountywatcher says :

      Seems to me Larry I must have hit a nerve, did I piss you off…Well good, maybe just maybe you might get the message.

  6. Tweeted This says :

    great pics and love the logo politically X-rated that says it like it is…your rightious dude

  7. willcountywatcher says :

    Awsome, now thats some great art work…keith

  8. DAVE says :

    Hey….who owns these ????? I want to license this artwork for national distribution !!
    Give me an email to Coppens@usa.com. Thanks,
    O’bama, OGr8T !!!

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