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(UN) Common Sense

Can anyone explain to me how, when, or exactly why it happened? How did IL. get to be the worst? IL. is now farther in debt than California & Will County has the worst temp agencies in the country. How can you bring jobs to state that no one can afford to live in?

Whatever happened to getting job that provided a LIVING WAGE ? Even Mayor Daley of Chicago fought Wal-Mart because they did not want to pay a living wage to their employees.

But Pres. Obama signs into law that companies can work their employees into the ground, 12-14hrs. a day, without paying a living wage and more importantly, by using temp agencies they don’t have to be responsible for the employees they USE ! That’s right, USE !

People are being used like an inadamit object, considered nothing more than another tool that can be discarded if they” don’t fit the mold”. (Meaning: If you complain about conditions–Fired. If you complain about the hours—Fired. And if you get hurt? Fired— before a drop of blood hits the floor!!! )

So is it greed that replaced loyalty? The Almighty dollar is more important than human life & limb.

To be fair, I understand that companies are faced with employees who lack a good work ethic. I personally have encountered people who did not understand the concept of ” having pride in their work”. Instead they only know “self-pride”. Their parents need to be slapped as well.

But that is where these temp agencies are not doing their jobs. They are responsible for pre-screening applicants to “weed out” those who are lazy or ignorant and vain. They claim that you are a valued employee of theirs, but soon enough you become a violated employee. Those who do work are pushed beyond the limits of humane endurance, while they cater to the slackers.

It’s like they were born ignorant, and have been losing ground ever since!!!

AMEN !!!!

In case you missed it folks, check out the Aug. 26- Sept. 1 edition of  The Times Weekly.  Mr. Wayne Horn The Times Weekly, a whole buncha’, lotsa’ HELL YEAH !!! I was beginning to think I was the only one who was able to see past the political bull!@#$%^, with so much of our tax dollars being waisted. You showed just how irresponsible the city has been, what with a water park, ballpark and overpaying for property( which was then sold at an additional loss) calling them “bums” was being gentle !!!

So what will the new slogan be for the “Government Center Campus”

“If it’s fun…, Nah, been done already.

“Stop when it sounds expensive” ( snicker, snicker) No, too honest.

“What the hell, we’ll be here 4 more years, go ahead and spend.” No.


If anybody has a suggestion, the new district 3 councilman I’m sure would be happy to hear from you. So call it in, mail it in, e-mail it in, just let your councilman hear from you.

 WAKE UP and smell the coffee, you BUMS. We’re looking to trim the fat(yeah you) from the budget.


Link to :  The Times Weekly   Wayne Horne

The focus at Joliet City Hall this year when it hasn’t been dealing with budget cuts, City employee raises and liquor license issues, has been on the downtown City Center. Earlier in the year the transportation center plans were unveiled with the idea that Federal Grants would pay much of the cost.

That plan is probable sometime in the near future since Joliet is the first stop out of Chicago for the high-speed rail that will make possible trips from Chicago to St. Louis in 4 hours or less. Also ongoing this year are discussions with Will County for a possible new Court House or at least an expansion of the current structure. This would be coupled with a parking deck that will allow Chicago Street to open up as a through street from I-80 to the Ruby Street Bridge. Mixed in with these plans and discussions is the City Center Plan Joliet paid a consultant to provide in 2009. Much of this is just discussion at this time since there is no money to proceed. Most recently the City of Joliet negotiated a real estate deal for the White Store that saw the City pay $70,000 over the appraised value in order to assure that Joliet Junior College could acquire the property for their City Center campus. The College is prohibited from purchasing property over appraised value. Not so with for City.

It was then discovered that the assessed value of that same property was less than $175,000. Oops! Oh well—just taxpayer money. Referendums for JJC plus taxes and all the City taxes add up to a hefty number of dollars.

All of these projects are positive developments for the City Center in Joliet. Since the bulk of the downtown activity appears to be government oriented, it prompted this writer to find out how many properties actually pay property taxes in the downtown City Center. It turns out not many. More than 25 properties in the downtown area are tax-exempt. Several properties are owned by churches, but, most are government owned and thus pay no property taxes. Included in the list is the Rialto Building and Theater, the Joliet Museum, Union Station, several parking lots and decks and of course Silver Cross Field. The Joliet Jackhammers who lease Silver Cross Field remain behind in their rent. This season the attendance average is about 3,400 fans per game which is disappointing since the team has the possibility of making the playoffs. The City does not collect property taxes on the field and the rent is once again behind. Why did the City ever get into the entertainment business while the taxpayer pays for it? Then there are the Federal offices (Social Security, etc) and of course this is the County Seat with its numerous properties. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the downtown “City Center” and call it a more appropriate name such as “Government Center Campus”.

As the Council goes through the motions for developing a balanced budget for 2011 it must be noted that there is one section of town that in the fall has its own special favor, leaf pick up. It was said that this is done, at a cost of $100,000 to all of us, because it is a heavily wooded area. It would be a sure bet that is one of the reasons the owners picked there to live. Had others know that it came with additional City services they might have chosen it. Perhaps $100,000 does not make up the budget shortfall. However, it is this type of thing that tends to rally the troops to “throw the bums out”.

Speaking of elections, the sudden resignation of Tony Uremovic at last week’s City Council meeting has set off a frenzy of activity for filling the position. It appears that the position will most likely be made on a purely political basis. Of course, as we have all heard from past governor Blagojevich, this is politics in Illinois. It is unlikely that resumes will be submitted and sorted through to find the most qualified individual. The jockeying for the spot will have as much to do with the next election in April 2011 as it does filling the seat. Rumor has it that at least one Councilman and one Councilwoman has approached the Mayor for his support should he not run in 2011. Mayor Schultz’s health is becoming an issue. Letting go to enjoy life seems to be a positive alternative to having the woes of the City on your head and health. The redistricting of the Council boundaries may also play a role in who is ultimately appointed for District 3. Those out in the far west side, the ”Jofield” area, may find it hard to believe they are represented by someone who lives only a few blocks from another councilman and no where near a central part of their district. It will be interesting to watch as the drama of the vacated District 3 council seat unravels. Stay tuned.

Will County Jail system

On 8-20 2010 I was arrested for a failure to appear in Ottawa Illinois on the matter of failure to pay  child support, true this is not my finest hour in my life and I am ashamed of my self.

 The matter of the child support is not the main issue at this time, I was arrested by the Joliet police and justly so, no arguments on that issue, I was at the Joliet local library at around 10:30 am where I was arrested by the Joliet Police, I was taken to the station where I was finger printed and mug shots were taken, then I was relieved of my possessions $190 in cash and $7.42 in change, a set of keys, my wallet, my hat, plus a few miscellaneous item. the gentleman that relieved of my possession was Officer Hall of the Joliet police force (a very nice man), the officer counted my money and had me witness the count and placed it in a bag to go with me as I was to be transported to Will County jail, on arrival at the Will County jail I met the Turtle, this is an officer in black paramilitary clothing, with what I think is body armor on underneath his clothing, as I was standing at the counter talking with the Turtle he was counting my money, he asked me where I got the money, I told him my unemployment payment (which I just started receiving a few days before ) I asked if I could count it, and I was told no! that is not the way it happens in Will county jail. After being booked, I was asked a battery of questions about have ever being depressed in my life, I said yes, it was when my mother died, some people would think that’s understandable, but “no” that must have triggered a suicide watch, now telling the truth must be a really bad thing in jail, because I was placed in a cell with no clothing on except for a cloth that had wore out velcro on it that wouldn’t stay fastened no matter how hard I tried.

To add insult to injury there was female guards that stood around making rude comments, laughing, like it was there personal strip-show.

Now mind you anyone that chooses to read this, I broke what must be the ultimate law in Joliet and all of Will County Illinois, “No” for that matter I must have committed a crime against the  whole damn world of being unemployed and broke. Debtor prison is what it amounts to…I was kept naked for 3 days till the jail psychiatrist could see me, and in 5 min flat of talking with this man, this man took me off suicide watch and said I could have jail clothing. damn highly educated people understand simple emotions yet seems to me that simple people want to make big issues of simple things.

Well I spent almost 4 days at the Will county jail, I was in Cell MD21 and right next to me in MD19 was a kid about 21 years old, he is what I would classify as a stoner, he bragged about his consumption of drugs and seemed to have a daddy that would rather bail his son out of jail then stand up like a man and whip that kids ass for being so stupid…but this kid has problems and who am I to judge, the guards were hard as  hell on this kid, sure the kid had crying fits, and probably was going threw withdraws from the drugs, he wasn’t violent but was annoying and like most kids didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, But I do have to give this kid credit, he like I had questions and yet received no answers from the guards to how long our stay was to be in hotel hell (which I refer to Will County Jail as) This kid was basically a good kid that fell in with a bad crowd. On the third day of our stay the kids dad bailed him out and I was sent to segregation, this is where I was put in with the real bad boys in C-Block, I was in cell C-40 where I had a roommate, this gentleman was a nice guy, few little problems but nothing major, while I was in c-block I was telling other inmates how to email, show them how to search for jobs on paper, this is due to the lack of a computer to use. I made my time in Will County productive and these guys listened to me for hours talk about computers, how to twitter for jobs, face-book work and craigslist work also, which I have found side work on craigslist in the past, but lets get back to my stay in hotel hell.

 Well in the middle of the 4th day of my stay, I was now transported to the Town of Ottawa Illinois where I was to answer the charges of missing court, on arriving I was told what my rights were…??? my rights, wow I have right? And I was treated with respect..Damn what a concept!! Now here is where it gets real vague to me on the law, the officer that came to Joliet to the Will County Jail house to transport me to Ottawa was given all my possession, well he thought he had all of my possessions, there was a big sealed bag given this officer, and a few other Ottawa Illinois officers opened this sealed bag in  front off me and we the officers discovered the $190 cash money that I had on me when I was arrested was not in the bag. Now in all fairness, the Ottawa officer can-not be sure that the money was in the bag, but Officer Hall of the Joliet Police force counted it in front of me, I know  the Joliet officer gave it to the Turtle in the Will County Jail yet the property bag was devoid of my cash, now am I wrong in my thinking? isn’t it criminal for let’s say for someone with a badge to steal a persons property..!

Note: now I did have my change that somehow made it from Will County Illinois to Ottawa Illinois with me which is about 42 miles, Oh that was $7.42, so I asked the Ottawa officer how their system works, again I was amazed at the fairness of the Law in Ottawa Illinois. The desk officer told me that the money is put in the bag and is sealed and I and the arresting officer sign the outside of the bag and it is also witnessed by another officer so that no false claims can be made. That’s pretty good….I know their system works in Ottawa Illinois, due to the fact(s) of I received no copy of my booking sheet which would have the information on it about my possessions in Will County, I was not allowed to count my money while in custody in Will County, my repeated request for information was denied and no booking sheet was ever given to me from Will County, please remember I was forced to be the naked show boy for the guards and had no place to store anything anyway.

Now I will say this, yes I was in violation of the law, but the treatment I received was appalling, there is no doubt in my mind I was held up for my cash by someone that used a badge do it and our tax payers pay their salaries?

Now the Judge in Ottawa Illinois allowed me to go on My own recognizance and I gave him my word I will be in court on my court date, the Cops there are  fair.

The cops in Will County Illinois mostly are inhumane and unjust, they are a colloquialism of anarchy. It’s not the $190 dollars that I miss, sure I would like to have it back.

now that this ball is rolling do I have to worry about trumped up charges, getting my head beat in, placed in jail on false charges, or killed in a cell by some lifer with nothing to lose that’s trying to get prison points. I feel like I walked on to a bad episode of Prison Break, I lost my job due to this economy of ours, yet I am expected to have money when everyone demands it from me..Where do I get the money? My Ass right!

To day I go back to the Will County Jail and request my money back…..Wonder how far in the law will I have to go to get the $190, but the dignity I lost is irreplaceable..More later.

Debbie Halvorson, a top Republican target

JOLIET, Ill. — Illinois Rep. Debbie Halvorson , a top Republican target this cycle, said Friday she had no regrets about dismissing campaign manager Travis Worl less than three months before Election Day.

“He did a great job getting us to here, and we’re going into Labor Day and it’s about moving forward to get to Election Day,” the freshman Democrat said of her former campaign chief, who was fired earlier this week. “And you know, campaigns change directions a lot of times. And again, it’s not about one person, it’s about what I need to do and what the campaign needs to do for the district.” WCW comment: I guess you throw away them that get you there Halvorson maybe thats why employers are running away from Joliet, Illinois and from Halvorsons tax drain.

Julie Merz, a staffer for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), has been tapped to replace Worl as Halvorson’s top campaign aide. She will start next week. Merz has had stints with Reps. Jim Matheson (Utah) and Dennis Moore (Kan.), who are both members of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition and represent politically tough districts for Democrats. Worl, who joined Halvorson’ campaign in March, recently sparked controversy in the central Illinois district when he suggested that Republican nominee Adam Kinzinger was lying about his military record.

Halvorson made her comments following a stop at the local ironworkers union here, friendly territory for the pro-labor Democrat? WCW comment: then where in the hell is the jobs she been talking about. Halverson was Asked if she was concerned about the shake-up and the outcome for November, Halvorson went on offense.

“Absolutely not, if I was worried about that I’d be worried about a hundred other things, she said. “And I’m a tough cookie. If I want to do something, I’m going to do something and I’m not going to worry about what people are going to think about me when it comes to making major decisions.”

A Public Opinion Strategies poll conducted Aug. 4-5 showed Kinzinger ahead of Halvorson, 57 percent to 37percent.

But Wait!! There’s More….

After reading an article in the Aug. 12-18th edition of the Times Weekly, I had to write to applaud U. S. Rep. Judy Biggert. By promoting job creation through small business tax relief, she has catapulted past Debbie Halvorson as a TRUE REPRESENTIVE of Illinois.

Should the Small Business Assistance and Tax Relief become a bill, it would certainly open up opportunities for those who have a great idea, but lack the resources to accomplish their dream.

But there are at least a couple of problems yet to be resolved. The first being: They are drafting a LAW where an individual cannot sell what they have grown themselves. Something about regulating how, and what is used to produce -produce(tomatoes, corn, beans etc.) What is going to happen to all those who partipitate in the farmers markets in rural America??

The second problem that needs to be addressed is: when an individual is on the verge of collapse(bankrupcy), if they sell their business, especially at a loss, they are further penalized by not being able to collect unemployment. After paying into THE STATE, they lose everything they worked for TWICE!!!

So I guess my question is: Is this too little, too late ? I guess we’ll have to see.

Judy Baar Topinka and Dan Rutherford

Media Notice: ” The Judy Baar Topinka and Dan Rutherford “Teaming Up for Taxpayers” tour will stop in more than 20 communities in a week to promote greater government efficiency and taxpayer savings. The tour will be paid for by campaign funds, with no expense to taxpayers.” Today is Decatur, Danville & Kankakee. I will post throughout the day on Twitter & daily on Facebook.