Will County Ill: Executive Larry Walsh; Senator Dick Durbin; Illinois Governor Pat Quinn; Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson

It’s disgraceful that out-of-town workers come here for far less pay and then take those substandard earnings home to stimulate their local economy while ours falters.It is apparent that these Will County and Joliet Politicians are not living up to the voters standard of living and should be gotten rid of, Incumbents need to go.

Perhaps it should be noted that the companies that got the most money also spent the most money on lobbying these same politicians to build this intermodal. Now they will likely use out-of-town labor, Development is a cash cow. It generates enough money to pay off those in charge. Beyond that, it provides wealth to developers’ friends and politicians. Most people of good will are busy with the issues in their lives and have little time to watch what these crooks are doing. They don’t have the time to study the issues and to make informed judgments.

Our Joliet and Will County city government has backed anti local employment practices by turning a blind eye to it. Our residents have watched while out-of-town stranger’s work on projects paid for by the taxpayers of Illinois.

Those who need the status quo will not empower poor communities. They will use city and county resources to divide and confuse. Their method is to throw crumbs upon the waters and watch those who cannot swim drown.

Now Joliet and Will County motorists and tax payers are paying more and more of the cost of maintaining the state’s and local roads, while the california company  are paying less and we taxpayers are paying the full amount, according to a new state study – the trucks that exit these intermodials are causing far more damage… so with the taxes going up and The Will County dimwit political society not making sure that Will county residents are first hired at these intermodal’s who in the hell is going to pay these taxes when the out of work workers fail to bring home the bacon and can afford to continue to pay the taxes.


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