Obama to the Rescue

Gee, how about that there Obama guy?? I hear tell he’s gonna’ stop them illegals!! Well, at least he’s going to tax those companies that are hiring from other countries. And I’m sure there will be someone who is going to cry foul, after all, it’ll be discrimination !!! When are they going to learn?? COME INTO THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY< OR STAY HOME !!!


2 responses to “Obama to the Rescue”

  1. Phillip Cleary says :

    The burden of proof of “Illegal Immigrant Employees” is upon the companies (Corp’s) that hire them? If a company calls in a SSN to the Gov’nt and it goes through ( Most of them do because they’re registered to deceased citn’s or children) then the corp is relieved of their responsibility to confirm the status of the individual. “SO” temp angency’s do the dirty work for these Corp’s by allowi9ng FRAUDULENT people to take our jobs ?!?!?!?!

    They hire in people that shouldn’t be here in the first place under false I.D.’s and place these people into jobs that “Citizens” should take! It costs us as “Citizens” our jobs,, Our TAXES and our bargaining positions as “Citizens” in the processes!

    YOU! as a natural born citizen are the ones taking the hit! Black natural born Citizens are the hardest hit! No matter what your skin color is “Americans” are first!

    • Anonymous says :

      And now Obama says “OK” to a mosque near ground zero. When will it end ? The money to close the borders isn’t enough to do the job, and then kiss-up to the Islamic community the VERY next day ??? Bend over Americans !!!

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