But Wait!! There’s More….

After reading an article in the Aug. 12-18th edition of the Times Weekly, I had to write to applaud U. S. Rep. Judy Biggert. By promoting job creation through small business tax relief, she has catapulted past Debbie Halvorson as a TRUE REPRESENTIVE of Illinois.

Should the Small Business Assistance and Tax Relief become a bill, it would certainly open up opportunities for those who have a great idea, but lack the resources to accomplish their dream.

But there are at least a couple of problems yet to be resolved. The first being: They are drafting a LAW where an individual cannot sell what they have grown themselves. Something about regulating how, and what is used to produce -produce(tomatoes, corn, beans etc.) What is going to happen to all those who partipitate in the farmers markets in rural America??

The second problem that needs to be addressed is: when an individual is on the verge of collapse(bankrupcy), if they sell their business, especially at a loss, they are further penalized by not being able to collect unemployment. After paying into THE STATE, they lose everything they worked for TWICE!!!

So I guess my question is: Is this too little, too late ? I guess we’ll have to see.


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