Research should be done on Navistar

JOLIET — Navistar wants to open a distribution center in Joliet, and the city council provided tax incentives Tuesday to help them along.

The company would bring an estimated 100-plus jobs to the Cherry Hill Business Park on the East Side of the city. Most of the workers, however, probably will come from a West Chicago distribution operation that would close as the Joliet site opens.

( So again no jobs for Joliet people. )

We will see what happens when they start hiring; Let’s look at their track record as a company:

Case 1  SEC files for settlement in Navistar fraud case: The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked a federal court judge to sign off on a consent order that would settle a years-long accounting fraud scandal that led to Warrenville-based Navistar’s delisting on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007.

Case 2  Navistar’s move to the Alcatel-Lucent site in part because of worries about air pollution, noise, traffic and safety issues. Navistar, now based about three miles away, has maintained that those fears are unfounded.

So I wonder doe’s the Joliet and the city council ever do any research on any of these companies before they give away tax incentives, I would venture to say “NO”

what happens after Navistar sets up shop, this city council needs to get with the information age and do some research instead of just sitting there collecting a pay check(s) for being stupid…..Again incumbents need to go, they don’t worry if we tax payers have jobs, they only worry about filling the city coffers with chump change and empty promises to the cities tax payers.


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4 responses to “Research should be done on Navistar”

  1. Phil says :

    Once again the city subsidizes a private business at the cost of the citizens. Didn’t I just hear the city would have to lay off police, firemen and city workers if they didn’t make concessions on their contracts. Then one of our fine councilmen does his best to rape us on his pension so he can spend more time in his consulting practice. I wonder how many of these workers coming in from West Chicago would be eliminated if someone checked them for the right to work in our country. Aren’t you people sick of having it rammed up your ass day in and day out??? Maybe not you people are too stupid to even realize your getting ass raped!

  2. Jolietjake says :

    Now thats the truth phil

  3. McGotcha says :

    But wait there’s more….. Have they started hiring at the intermodal yet, or are they still using the people they brought in from California ? Where are the jobs, OH elected ones???

  4. Phil says :

    McG don’t hold your breath! It will be like the present inter-modal is. All Management and high paying jobs will be for workers that are imported to Joliet. Chicago will eat up the majority of the rest of them thanks to the “Reverend” and his son the Congressman. The few pittance jobs left will divided among the Illegal population and Warren Dorris.

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