Debbie Halvorson’s Nazi signs

Wonder if MSNBC or CNN will feature this shocking story? Stop it, yer crackin’ me up with such nonsense…

 Would MSNBC or CNN have featured this shocking story if the vile protesters at the Nazi-themed protest were CONSERVATIVES or REPUBLICANS or if left-wing extremists had dressed up like Nazis and crashed a tea party posing as conservatives or Republicans? Why do you even ask? Of course they would.

When interviewed in the video below, these anti-conservative protesters in Joliet, outside Chicago — proudly carrying Nazi-esque signs slamming GOP congressional opponent Adam Kinzinger and other well-known conservatives, like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin — denied several times being there in support of, or affiliated with, Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson. Congresswoman Halvorson is running against Kinzinger in the November election.

 But waitthese miscreants LIED.

 Much later, these bogus grassroots protesters were videotaped returning to the congresswoman’s campaign office in the dark of night. Obviously, they’re part of the liberal congresswoman’s camp. Unless Halvorson had NO IDEA that these left-wing extremist folks had her campaign office keys and gained access to her office. They look pretty darned cozy in there in the video with Julie Merz, Halvorson’s campaign manager.


 Crikey sakes, why hasn’t Halvorson publicly denounced this disgusting representation of her run for office? Unless, of course, she sees nothing wrong with it. Or she didn’t think her merry band of protesters would get caught, or she quietly encouraged or approved the whole Nazi theme… which may or may not have happened, don’t know.

 But Halvorson should now get to the bottom of this depravity — pronto — and either fire or harshly reprimand the Nazi-sign-carrying chuckleheads who are involved in her re-election campaign.

 Because many Democrat voters who may have voted for her also attend tea parties in the Chicago area. And many are disgusted with the capricious way the term “Nazi” is applied by liberal extremists. Jews as well as Gentiles.

 A Halvorson supporter, carrying a sign with Republican Adam Kinzinger as a Nazi and ‘Naz-Tea Party’ written on it 

From the YouTube video summary:

Debbie Halvorson’s office organizes a protest on September 15, outside an Americans for Prosperity Event, featuring images of her opponent Adam Kinzinger and other prominent conservative figures as Nazis.

Rep. Halvorson’s Nazi Protest – September 15, 2010

Candidate Adam Kinzinger is very unhappy with Team Halvorson’s deplorable tactics — no one can blame him — and he is demanding an apology, which is not only reasonable, but something that Rep. Halvorson, if she had any class at all, would have done yesterday.


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6 responses to “Debbie Halvorson’s Nazi signs”

  1. McGotcha says :

    Well of course Ms. Halvorson didn’t know what was going on in HER office, it was after-hours. SHE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE !! Where have I heard that before ?? HMMM

  2. willcountywatcher says :

    I know where I have heard that before, maybe it was from local political people.
    Joliet Illinois is failing the grade and its citizens are treated like walking pay checks.

    “Gee” what are we supposed to think, the city raises taxes, we voters tax payers are pee-ons for the political machine to abuse, when every thing was great, the city of Joliet spent money like it was no object. Do we see the results now! Do these political dunders get it… Apparently not………

  3. willcountywatcher says :

    Think back to this: • Police department lost more than 40 positions through early retirement and attrition; fire department and other city crews face possible layoffs as city tries to avert budget deficits.

    • Water and sewer rates hiked 35 percent to make up for lost revenue from casino taxes and construction fees; regional planners warn that city water supply could dwindle in next decade, although city officials dispute timetable.

    • Joliet unemployment rate of 11.9 percent.

    • Silver Cross Hospital is building new hospital in New Lenox and will leave Joliet in early 2012.

    • Casino business hurting with double-digit declines in revenues. City gaming taxes sink, too.

  4. McGotcha says :

    Well unfortunatly, it’s not just Joliet that is failing, but close to home is about all I can handle. I still like the fact that the ballpark hasn’t been the paycheck the city thought it was going to be, and now they want to give the rest of this city to the government by way of office space. (Read mt lips- NO TAXES TO BE PAID) We know it won’t until WE vote them out.

  5. willcountywatcher says :

    The Council says:

    The city is focusing a lot of effort on plans to redevelop the downtown area. Counting in large part on federal money available for high-speed rail development, Joliet wants to build a transportation center that would help usher in new stores and workplaces for a future that would be more urban in lifestyle than what the city saw in the suburban-style expansion of the past 20 years.

    Sounds to me like they are counting their chickens before they are hatched..Stupidity is whole sale in Joliet Illinois.

  6. McGotcha says :

    But federal money only covers so much, the rest?? WE THE TAXPAYERS !! of course!! Who in their right mind would move their buisness here, knowing in advance the burden of taxes will be soely their’s ???

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