To Whom It May Concern…, Are These The Facts ?

I have been informed by the creator/owner/editor-in-chief of the blog: The Will County Watcher, that my posts’ have generated a lot of e-mails being sent in.

When I asked, “Why, then, are there no comments ?” His response was they prefer to complain rather than critique with constructive criticism.

So I can only assume that no one out there has anything constructive to add, or detract from my posts. (Save for Mr Cleary, who by the way, has straightened me out on a number of things.) Thank-you very much.

Even Joliet Jake and I do not agree on everything.

But you’ve got to admit, politics in IL., Will County in particular, are about the most corrupt in the country.

Are these the facts ? We (IL.) are the furthest in debt. We (IL.) have the worst temp agencies in the country. Downtown Joliet looks like a ghost town. The city of Joliet spends taxpayer money on failed “entertainment” (need I remind you – If it’s fun…,) If I am wrong, PLEASE, show me!

And while all of this is going on, YOUR taxes have skyrocketed. YOUR benefits have all but vanished. Job security ? What job security ??!!!

But (yes I know, there’s always a but in there somewhere) YOUR politicians have voted themselves a RAISE !!!

We simply wish to exact change. CHANGE all the elected officials. CHANGE the way taxpayers money is spent. Give us our monies worth. If YOU purchase something, anything, and it fails…, YOU CHANGE IT ! don’t you ???

So post your comments, I am anxious to hear what you think. In particular I want your response to Are These The Facts ?

6 responses to “To Whom It May Concern…, Are These The Facts ?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    yoz just an ego-tist with a seperiority complex.

  2. Phil says :

    If you have complaints you must be doing something right! No complaints means no one is reading. Maybe the Communists are trying to infringe on your right to free speech??? I know that if this is the case it won’t work. I love how the left communicates;

    Such Brilliance!

    Sep 22, 2010 @ 11:14:34

    yoz just an ego-tist with a seperiority complex.
    • McGotcha
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 11:17:40

    Was you born ignorant, or have you just been losing ground ?

    I can see they paid attention in English class. One thing I hate more than having to push 1 for English is people who are born here attended our fine collective of educational institutions and still have absolutely no command of the English language. If these are the ones complaining then I would assume it’s pointless to try and convince them of anything. From their post’s it appears they know everything?

    A quote from a very important person in American Culture. He was very liberal at first, as was I, as he aged he saw the error of his ways!

    Your language
    You’re frightened
    Your future
    You can’t even speak your own fucking language
    You can’t read it anymore
    You can’t write it anymore
    Your language
    The future of your language
    Your meat loaf
    Don’t let your meat loaf

    Does anyone know this passage?

    • willcountywatcher says :

      Do you think I’d speak for you? I don’t even know your language. Preponderance of the mindless machine that I can’t relate to. …yet it drives the point home if the accusing party speaks BEFORE the accused makes the distinction of IQ or fallacy of abundance of stupidity, When you are ready to voice your own opinion. Do you even need me to say anything? I didn’t think so..

      Plus that was from Frank Zappa

  3. Merlin says :

    “yoz just an ego-tist with a seperiority complex.” Someone really needs FF with a spell checker. XD

    wow. I’m glad I found this blog. I was beginning to think that I was alone in seeing what this world has become. I am an unemployed carpenter. I’ve worked just about every odd job I could find while suffering from manic-depression while these “thugs” collect welfare and live in government housing. I keep looking for work but never even get an interview. I’ve seen illegals ruin the skilled trades. I can’t get work when illegals are willing to do the same job for nothing. I guess when you live 20 to a house you can live on very little. Most if not all the extra money they make here they send back to Mexico. How long will we allow this to continue? None the less I’m glad someone out there is telling the world what’s really wrong. You speak the truth and don’t let ANYONE tell you other wise.

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