Using the pie as a diagram, those who have the biggest pieces cry about not getting their tax break. The problem is: the way their slice got to be so big, is by taking a piece of all those who work/ worked for them. So, by the blood, sweat and lives of others, they have accumulated their wealth.

By just creating a bigger pie, as the government would like to do, you effectively just increase the disparity between the haves and have-nots. Nothing really changes.

Why can’t all those at the top pay a little more ? There are at least two choices; 1) Pay more taxes… That would allow the government to have enough to subsidize the at, or below poverty level citizens, so that they could not just simply survive, but live decently. You’ve already stripped them of their dignity, so at least let the government help them to be independent( if not self-sufficient).

2) Or, give them (the one’s you’ve used to get where you are) a little piece of your pie.( aka: a living wage)

Take Wal-Mart for example. How much money does a man need ? Thousands of employees, but how many earn enough to be self-sufficient ? But Sam Walton doesn’t want to pay a little more in taxes ? Minimum wage is not self-sufficient today, nor will it be in the future. Think about it !

Then there’s the government itself. At all levels it’s ” Looking out for me, myself, and I.” Period. From backroom payouts, to exploiting loopholes, its ” I gotta’ gets mines.” Whatever happened to “Government by the people, FOR the people” ?

I thought all those social programs were designed to HELP THOSE STRUGGLING to live at, or above poverty. The key words in that sentence: Help those struggling. Meaning, as long as they were trying, there would be help. These programs were not designed to replace anything, (ie. working for a living) they are simply there to help. I mean if they’re not willing to even try to be self-sufficient, then why should those who are trying, have to foot the bill?

The same for these so-called AMERICAN businesses. If you are not willing to pay a living wage, so that your employees can live independently, then why should you get a tax break ? And if you choose to outsource overseas, then expect to be taxed on your incoming product.

As for the illegals, it was your choice. YOU chose to come here illegally, knowing it was against our laws. Should we expect to be treated differently if we were to break your laws ?  I think not ! As for doing the jobs you do ? Who do you think was doing it before you came along ? You are taking our jobs by WILLINGLY working for less money. NOT OUR FAULT !! You’re the problem.

Lets be realistic. There’s really only one pie. I won’t begrudge you your piece, as long as you’re not stealing it from mine.

All this thinking has made me hungry. PIE ANYONE ?


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