Years Of Inaction

I was listening to the radio last night (which by the way, is still  an excellent source of up-to-the minute news & information), remember when people used to “watch” radio, and there was this guy (won’t mention any names, but his initials are Sean Hannity) talking to a candidate for senator in New York. What caught my attention, was this candidate is ALREADY WORKING to put the citizens of New York back to work, by way of a job fair which he, himself, is the sponsor/creator.

I then pick up the local newspaper and read the headline: Warehouse workers to meet the candidates. Here in Will County, I guess a “mixer” is their idea of getting things done. Although this has been an ongoing problem for…, what 5 years now?, we are still TALKING about it.

What I fear, is that this is a timing thing. Hold out till just before elections, to use the issue for leverage on votes.

All along our representatives have known of this problem, but the only time it is given any media, has been to fill the photo-op whims of our congressional lackies!

With the economy as bad as it is, the citizens of Will County, have been ignored by our elected officials who could have done more than hold out for timings sake.

This alone, has led to more people having to depend on the government.

From food stamps to vouchers.

From rent to utilities, these warehouse workers have been FORCED to give up their dignity, simply to survive.

Years of inaction. Surely something could have been done about this by now.

NOW is the time. WE must take action for ourselves.

Let us put someone in charge who will get this done. There are jobs in Will County. What we don’t have, are representatives to negotiate a living wage out of these companies.

To restore our dignity, we must remove these obstacles.


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