Illinois, local politicians have made deals to look the other way

 Remember Voters of Joliet and Will County Illinois these are the same people that raise your taxes every year and profit highly from your labor.

What many do not know here in Will County Illinois, local politicians have made deals to look the other way by creating hiring sites of their own “these sites are not for American Workers”. They hope to pacify the Mexican community,  they don’t want to offend Illegal alien advocacy groups that get them voters, will county is Permitting the aliens allowing them to create hidden hiring halls on behalf of the aliens. When Local governments are operating hiring halls they claim that they are not employers or recruiters and therefore are not required to verify the employment status of workers.

Most importantly, local government officials must operate in the open and hold open hearings about local issues, yet they do not, they have outside meetings not notifying the public of their crooked deals.

These are the Incumbents that while your working to break your back earning a living, they are making side deals to screw you and giving away what you have paid in to their friends and family.

District 1John Anderson, MoneeKatrina Deutsche, Crete

Cory Singer, Frankfort

District 2

Jim Moustis – County Board Chairman, Frankfort

Laurie Smith, New Lenox

Tom Weigel, New Lenox

District 3

Ann Dralle, Lemont

Laurie McPhillips, Plainfield

Michael Wisniewski, Naperville

District 4

Edward D. Kusta, Jr. – Majority Whip, Bolingbrook

Charles Maher, Naperville

Jacqueline Traynere, Bolingbrook

District 5

James Blackburn, Joliet

Lee Ann Goodson, Plainfield

Brian Smith, Plainfield

District 6

Don Gould, Shorewood

Sharon May, Channahon

Deborah Rozak, Wilmington

District 7

Jim Bilotta – Majority Leader, Lockport

Kathleen Konicki, Homer Glen

Diane Seiler, Lockport

District 8

Herbert Brooks, Jr., Joliet

Frank Stewart – Minority Whip, Joliet  

Denise Winfrey, Joliet

District 9

Walter Adamic – Minority Leader, Joliet

Joseph Babich, Joliet

Steve Wilhelmi, Joliet


City Hall will do what’s best for them only, We are “selling off” jobs no matter the cost, from the public in subsidies and giveaways.Anything except deal with the problems our officials have created. This is very dangerous for the future of the city and county residents.Decisions about city business are being made by outside groups what are the City commissioners doing are they part of the system, not independent citizen watchdogs as they are supposed to be.Do we make Objections on principle or is it law ignored.
The bureaucracy has been politicized to the point that they put their jobs on the line with their crooked back door deals and policies that serve only their interest.We could improve and change City Hall, but first voters must elect new and honest candidates who care about Joliet and Will County Illinois and not their pockets.


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2 responses to “Illinois, local politicians have made deals to look the other way”

  1. Steve Cammack says :

    I for one am looking forward to being a new face that thinks about why I am elected…to serve the people that I work for , not the business interest that only want something for themselves and forget who keeps them in business. The people of will county . That’s who. I look forward to the change in Joliet coming in April 2011.

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