AT&T ; The New Legislative Branch of Government???

AT&T is trying, as an institution, to exploit a loophole thru the Supreme Court, by adding (in really fine print) a disclaimer that prohibits class-action lawsuits by the consumers of its products.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked the constitution, but I believe it’s the legislative branch that was created to mind the checks and balances of its people and institutions.

AT&T is accused of fraudulently offering free phones, and then charging for them afterwards, but claims a fair, easy-to-use, consumer friendly arbitration agreement allows customers dispute-resolution. Really ??

If it really was so easy-to-use then, would there even be a class-action suit to file? Obviously there is a problem, and since AT&T has the money, the lawyers and endless resources, they can, and probably already have, frustrated the consumers to the point where they are now forced to band together in order to be heard. It literally takes a class-action suit to win against any company.

And should the Supreme Court rule in AT&Ts favor, it will be open season for every other company to exploit its customers, as well as, their employees.

Just like the warehouse workers who have been unjustly kept from unions and a living wage, a class-action lawsuit is their only means for compensation.

The reason companies want to put an end to class-action suits, is that it’s the lawyers and law firms who take the bulk of the settlements. This is where the checks and balances are failing the people. Between the companies providing, or failing to provide advertised goods and services; to the lawyers appropriating most of the judicial award, the people are not being afforded their rights, per checks and balances.

How can legislation provide protection for the institutions, but deny recourse for balance??? We need these class-action suits to hold these companies in check.

These big corporations and companies want to re-write, or better still, re-interpret the legislation to their benefit.

If they succeed, we’ll lose our balance.


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