The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet

from the free-speech-isn’t-free dept This is hardly a surprise but, this morning (as previously announced), the lame duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA bill — despite a bunch of law professors explaining to them how this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. What’s really amazing is that many of the same Senators have been speaking out against internet censorship in other countries, yet they happily vote to approve it here because it’s seen as a way to make many of their largest campaign contributors happy. There’s very little chance that the bill will actually get passed by the end of the term but, in the meantime, we figured it might be useful to highlight the 19 Senators who voted to censor the internet this morning:

Patrick J. Leahy — Vermont

Herb Kohl — Wisconsin

Jeff Sessions — Alabama

Dianne Feinstein — California

Orrin G. Hatch — Utah Russ

Feingold — Wisconsin

Chuck Grassley — Iowa

Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania

Jon Kyl — Arizona

Chuck Schumer — New York

Lindsey Graham — South Carolina

Dick Durbin — Illinois

John Cornyn — Texas

Benjamin L. Cardin — Maryland

Tom Coburn — Oklahoma

Sheldon Whitehouse — Rhode Island

Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota

Al Franken — Minnesota

Chris Coons — Delaware


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