Manipulation or PC (politically correct)

In the world today, “politically correct” has evolved into the Achilles heal of the human race. No longer is it politically correct to clearly define right from wrong; good from evil. Left from right.

If I am free to be me, and you are free to be you, how can I be made to tolerate you, with no reciprocative tolerance to be expected from you? How can I offend, but not be offended?

I have heard, “It’s a matter of interpretation.” So, one man’s wrong, is another man’s right? Evil can be a good thing? Who should decide?

The only thing to have been clarified by this term is that we, as a species, have abandoned our own moral compass. No other living thing on this planet is more devoid of its very nature. Indeed it would seem, the more intelligent and intellectual one gets, the more diabolical and deceptive of their nature, they become. Seeking not what is just and righteous, but what can be acquired through manipulation.

It has become a game of one-up-manship. While defining in sympathetic terms, relieving one of their indignation, or perhaps even their worldly possessions, is the goal.

As if standing on a magnetic field, our moral compass is no longer able to guide us back. Ironically, it will take manipulation to relieve ourselves of this burdensome term.

In being politically correct, we exchanged our morals and better judgment, for tolerance and deception.

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