Transparency; Where the Lies Begin

When it comes to “we the people” seeking more transparency that we might be better informed as to the actions, or inactions towards our needs being met, our elected officials have perfected the song and dance, smoke and mirrors routines of droning on and on, instead of providing a simple response to our queries.

This is not a congressional filibuster. This is simply a question of what have you done so far, what are your plans for the future, both immediate and long-term, in what ways to you intend to finance these goals, and to what end do they provide for us, both financially and in personal security.

Think of it as your boss doing a progress report on you, as to whether or not you deserve a raise or the boot. This is real life accountability to which you are hiding from the very people who can vote you back in.

Last I checked, in this country the government was, “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Nowhere does it say hide what you do, or control the people. Nowhere does it say take away from the people for your own personal greed. The commonwealth is not an alliterative term for spread the wealth.

You have proved with glaring results that you are unable to manage. Just look at all the committees, sub-committees, agencies, commissions and directors any initiative or idea has to go through before being brought to the house, and then the senate, and then finally the president. Talk about your filibuster! And along the way, there’s the smoke and mirrors committee, who have to tack on x amount of taxpayer dollars for lobbyists and/or special interest groups in order to approve the initial idea.

Is this the means by which you constantly feel you deserve a raise? Would you like to hear what the people think?

Yours is the only job wherein the people get to vote you in, but have absolutely no say in whether or not you deserve a raise. For this reason alone you should provide us with the means necessary to decide whether or not we should consider voting you back for another term.

If you would eliminate just some of the committees, sub-committees, agencies, and directors; by-pass all the lobbyists and special interest groups, and use common sense on the issue at hand, streamlining the process would lower the overall cost of the bill. And because this is so tangled, so convoluted, it has become an enormous breeding ground of corruption, waist, beauracratic red tape; diverting our energies and resources away from the necessities.

Perhaps we wouldn’t be so irate when you vote yourselves a raise, if we had the chance to see for ourselves, what each bill provides. (Providing of course the bill didn’t further erode our freedoms, or pockets, or jeopardize our security.)

As our elected officials, it is NOT your job to squeeze the life out of us, but rather provide us with the legal parameters in equality and justice, while providing security from any enemy, that we may flourish and prosper.

Is it too much to ask, that you show us you deserve to be voted back in? (And in all honesty, WE should be the ones to decide if you deserve a raise.)

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