Joliet will allow a south side quarry to expand

Despite concerns from some parents and school officials, Joliet will allow a south side quarry to expand closer to a school and a main road. Vulcan Construction Materials plans to expand its mining operations by 10.25 acres, after the City Council approved a rezoning request Tuesday. The expansion will allow mining to continue at the site, blasted and mined since 1994, for another five to seven years, officials said. That would secure employment for about 20 employees. The mine will creep closer to Laraway School on Laraway Road. The two are separated by 31 acres of green space, which will shrink to 20 acres. However, that space is double what is allowed under the original deal the company made with the city in 1994. The expansion of the quarry continues the restrictions that were imposed in 1994, including no blasting within 500 feet of a school building, during school hours, on non-school days before 1 p.m. or after 5 p.m., or on holidays. There is to be no mining within 200 feet of any road and thorough cleaning of truck tires before trucks enter public roads.

Joliet Jake: The 20 employees they are refering to will be Illegal aliens that get subpay while doing  20 Americans out of work again…but thats just my opinion.


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