We the people: Not We Obama Marxism

Since the 1920s No American President has made a determined effort to reduce government significantly. It isn’t that it can’t be done. It’s been proven only that no Republican or Democrat is going to do it. That’s why we as Tea party members have to stand keep this fight going; America cannot be lost to liberal ideology.

For globalization to work.  Americans can’t be afraid to act like the almighty superpower that it is. Which Obama has failed to do? Workers in America can’t even pay the bills without working three jobs, 1 out of every 4 children go to bed hungry, and these issues are ignored by the left

Thomas Jefferson once said: “A wise and frugal government… shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.

” With growing corruption and censorship, and disappearing freedoms to American citizens, one can compare the apparent path of the American Empire to that of any great empire which has come and gone. Our founding fathers’ only warning was to keep power in the hands of the people. We have moved so far left, that we don’t even mind that the power has been lost to the hands of the few.

We should not confuse ourselves into believing that our civilization has reached a plateau from which it cannot fall. Like the dream land Socialists and liberals daily spout about in incoherent gibberish, most Marxists understand the ideology of negativity, These Individuals do not exist atomically or select their type of ideology off a grocery store shelf like a box of cereal. Marxism is individuals need to control others, it is also systematic and it interacts with the governmental as a hidden control over political views and its citizens.

Liberalism is “not” a product of mankind’s evolution: Liberalism requires each of us to give up rights, is it a duty, a motivation or a sickness of the liberal thought patterns. Despite the demonization of the Tea Party Movement by liberals in the media and in politics, the Tea Party Movement has shown the power of ‘We the People’.


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