Adam Kinsinger Comes to Joliet

Last night here in Joliet, I attended a town hall meeting with our newest representative, Adam Kinsinger. He was unpretentious, direct, disciplined. I believe he understands the enormous task he has before him, and that he is indeed determined to represent the people of his district to the best of his ability.

His opening remarks, though brief, went right to point: Cut spending, cut government and get people to work.

He first beamed, then bemoaned the 5% reduction across the board of the entire government, “We all need to sacrifice”.

His fellow members of congress, specifically the freshman class, learned of what is immediately available for the chopping block. Namely, the discretionary spending part of the overall budget. This is nothing more than an olive branch.

Next up will be the defense budget. With his background in the Air Force, he clearly wants to keep America strong. I too, hope only the very unnecessary bureaucracy will be cut, and that our brave men and women who sacrifice for our freedoms, will not want for anything in protecting our home. He made it quite clear he not only knows, but understands just how dangerous this world has become.

He then informed those in attendance, that for now, social programs will remain untouched. I not only heard, but saw, the obvious frustration he has towards this. He knows of the fraud and abuse and has ideas, whether his or by group consensus, on how to prevent further waste of our tax dollars. Unfortunately, he and his associates will have to wait. The question is, can we??

As he turned the floor over to answer questions, the first question went straight to the immediate need for jobs. He showed depth of knowledge on the subject. In fact, the first thing he would like to do, would be to eliminate the very agency created with the specific purpose of making this country self-sufficient. He knows where the problem lies, and that it is simply a matter of getting everyone to work together, to get rid of the red tape that is holding us back.

There are just two things I have a problem with.

First and foremost, he seems to believe that Obamacare has some good in it that could be kept in some form. From all I have read, it would seem easier to just start over. Quit subsidizing pharmaceutical companies, put a ceiling on lawsuits and allow the schools to do the research, although I’m sure it’s not that simple.

The other problem: taxes. While he understands how bad it is, he is inclined to reform the tax system. Simplifying the tax code and cutting corporate taxes is what he is willing to discuss. When pressed on the Fair tax proposition, he flatly declined to discuss it as a means of resolve.

These are the two biggest issues this country faces, and both are job-killers. His response to “tweak” them seems counterproductive. I, for one, hope the rest of congress moves to repeal the healthcare measure outright, and would at least, entertain the option of the Fair Tax.

Though he’s chomping at the bit to rid us of the welfare state we are in (this is the discipline in him talking), his actions speak to surrender.

Perhaps it is a matter of knowing that this president is facing impeachment and that that is the reason for dragging his heels on these issues.

Hopefully, we the people won’t have to wait too long. Though there’s a lot to be done, reforms and “tweaking” are the slow roads of discussion and debate.

I mistakenly thought we were loud and clear at the mid-terms; “We’re drowning in a sea of debt. No one here is producing so much as a life preserver, and the previous administration dropped an anchor on us”.

Our prayers are with you Representative Kinsinger, as are our eyes and ears upon you.


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11 responses to “Adam Kinsinger Comes to Joliet”

  1. Willcountywatcher says :

    I believe Adam will make a difference.

  2. Jorie/Joliet says :

    I was at that meeting and their was this man that was Homeless and in need of work, I believe that Adam will make a change for him, not the change that Obama promised.
    This homeless guy can’t spend promises.

  3. amantha Clark says :

    Would like to find this homeless man to offer him a job in VA.

  4. Mark L says :

    Would have love to hear what that homeless man said, seems nobody covers tea party.

    WJOL wasn’t there was they.

  5. Anonymous says :

    Good we need more guys like adam.

  6. Anonymous says :

    Tea Party rules, I was there and we will take back American values.

  7. doug levitt says :

    Tea Party rules, I was there and we will take back American values.

  8. Dcn. Channing Fell says :

    Although I am in Texas, these topics affect us all.

    No other place in man’s history has a republic like the USA been formed by men, most of whom felt the process was guided by the Creator. Can’t know all the details, but one would hope Rep. Kinsinger voiced the concerns of those he “represents”… the key being “REP” and not “resent”… and honor the sacred roots and calling.

    Good military planning demands many disciplines. Not all items are “actionable” in the beginning and always require proper allocation of resource. It is also wise to keep your intentions “guarded” as you understand the battle environment. Rep. Kinsinger, an honorable veteran of our country may be taking that approach…. maybe… In my way of thinking, it’s best not to show the whole hand…yet.

    You can bet there are opposing “forces” at work. Remember, Ephesians 6:12 …. So, keep the Rep in your thoughts and prayers…

    Topic 1, Obamacare… It needs to be repealled and replaced with proper legislation… This will be difficult due to the balance in the Congress now. However, we CAN and MUST still tell them how WE want it done and hold them to it. Of course there is the VOTE… but that is akin to letting cancer run it’s course. People must be involved.. step up or kneel.

    Topic 2, Tax…. The whole “tax code” is about “splitting the baby”. The process destroys and has no value aside from creating bureaucrats and enforcing control on citizens…. at least citizens who follow the rules.

    The “fair tax” would eliminate many of these “jobs”…. causing a dump of well trained accountants on the market. Maybe they could be put in the banks and investment houses to help with the task of keeping the numbers straight. Initial investments could be “taxed” at a lower “rate” than money spent to purchase goods. This would encourage investment. NO TAX on the gains from “investments” within the USA….and tax on investment profit from outside USA. This includes USA corporations bringing money into the USA from profits from JOBS they have “offshored”. Simple math.

    Insurance, taxes and Politics make strange bedfellows.

  9. Michael Cook says :

    The Economy seems to be failing.
    The jobs market seems to be skidding along.
    I would say that it does not seem to make sense to take the rich less than the rest of the population.
    The trickle down is simply not working. I would have one suggestion, threaten to tax the very rich at double the tax rate.

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