City of Joliet Leaves Homeless Out in Blizzard!!!

It’s shameful.

Despite advanced warning of life-threatening conditions, the City of Joliet blatantly ignored its homeless population. The third worst blizzard to hit Illinois, dumped a foot or more of snow driven by winds of up to 60mph, creating wind-chill temperatures well below zero, and the city did not call cold shelter.

During severe weather the homeless shelters wait, for beauracrats, to issue the cold shelter warning. Without it, the homeless are left to fend for themselves. But between the governor calling for a state of emergency at 6am, and the early closings of schools, business’, and even the library, the city STILL hadn’t called cold shelter by 5pm. Repeated calls to the police and mayor’s office, garnered nothing more than demeaning responses.

By three o’clock, most of the homeless had sought shelter in their regular spots; tents in the woods, under bridges, trespassing in junkyards and some even trespass in hallways and parking garages, knowing they risked being arrested. (If arrested, at least they would have been indoors)

We here at the Watcher, urge all residents to call the mayor’s office, email and call your councilmen/women, tell them all they will not get your vote this spring. Tell them how ashamed they should be. Tell them how ashamed you are for their actions. (Or in this case, inactions.)

It’s time for a change in Joliet, and this spring is the time to do it.


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6 responses to “City of Joliet Leaves Homeless Out in Blizzard!!!”

  1. The Angry Jolietan says :

    Should we care..? Yes..! Why? Because the elected figures in Joliet Illinois appear to be one sided when it comes to voters..Or if you’re not a person they feel that would vote for them your second class, this economy has made many Americans homeless or at least one pay check away. I was at the Kinzinger meeting in Joliet when a homeless man stood up and spoke stating he was homeless and that he was a big man able to do a big job. If 90% of Americans felt that way America would become the super power we once was.

    I saw this same homeless man in a doorway during the storm and offered my help, I haven’t seen this man since the storm subsided, I do know this: this Homeless man is a fighter and he will keep fighting to get back into a job and into a home…

    Soon we Jolietans will be voting, I personally will be voting out the fools that we have on the Joliet city council due to the fact, What if I was homeless and how would I be treated? Currently my donations to Morning Star missions will be stopped; the charging of the homeless to stay is appalling and the treatment that these homeless get every day in Joliet Illinois is worse.

    • Conerned about Joliet says :

      Andy Mihelich is the best choice for Mayor of Joliet because he cares about people, first! On the day the blizzard was coming, Andy called the Joliet Police and offered his campaign office on Jefferson Street as an overflow; temporary shelter. The police did drop a homeless person there, so Andy stayed there all night. Andy is not a “politician” and therefore makes decisions without influence. He is a business man who is educated in business and economic development who is willing to give back to the city where he was born, raised, graduated high school, and was married. Check out his website ( if you want to know more about him in Joliet) He has had nothing to do with the financial situation that Joliet is now in and is willing to dedicate all his time to lead the way to turn things around. Most of his waking hours for the past 4 to 5 years have been spent donating time somewhere in Jolliet for various causes. He can do that because he retired, is financially independently stable, has lots of energy and the willingness to serve. He is morally grounded and his business ethics are strong. He will do what it takes to get Joliet back in the black….even if the decision is not a popular one. I haven’t heard one reason why not to support Andy for Mayor. Because there aren’t any!

  2. willcountywatcher says :

    Hello Aj glad to see you back on the blog trail.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Are you kidding? The city caters to the homeless. Homeless people travel here from other cities, counties and even states because they all know that they will get free shelter and food. If they stayed in the storm due them not being able to stay sober for a day ( requirement of the shelters) that is there own fault. Educate yourself on the subject alittle more before you post.

  4. tgodfreak says :

    really? so just cause you are homeless you are a drunk? so i guess losing your job and not able to find another is not a qualified reason to be homeless cause right now there are allot of those. I am sorry you live under a nice warm rock with a picket fence dog, cat, bmw and cable tv. you might want to go out side and look around before you post.

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