Joliet Illinois Mayorial change is needed.

Mayoral candidates who filed include city council members Thomas Giarrante and Jan Quillman, a mayoral election match-up that has been expected for years.  Both “Thomas Giarrante and Jan Quillman have been in office way to long, Joliet Illinois needs a change.” Time to put the Joliet city council out and bring in some new blood.

Mayoral candidates who filed recently, include Andrew Mihelich, the director of the Spanish Community Center and a board member at Joliet Junior College.

Clearly Unemployed Joliet Illinois Americans are going to vote more of their jobs away if they vote for Andrew Mihelich as Mayor..

Kevin Hegarty, a former public information officer for the city who lost his job last year in a workforce downsizing and clearly understand what it means to be in need of better local Government.

Diane M. Harris (lib), a ComEd employee from the Cathedral Area who is making her first run for elected office; and the Rev. Lester Brown, pastor of Good Samaritan Ministry of Joliet.

Will Lester Brown be a pastor first of Joliet Illinois mayor first if elected? I say Pastor.!

Hegarty is the clear choice but the voters must make up their minds…..No excuses just vote.!!


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