Questions for mayoral candidate: Andy Mihelich

Question for mayoral candidate: Andy Mihelich

from the searches that been done on your past record, can you explain to the Joliet voters the over abundant amount of time spent to help associations that are known in the area of supporting local Illegal Aliens. Will this position as Mayor help progress this agenda so that unemployed Joliet voters still struggle for work while being placed 2nd to Illegal citizens of Joliet Illinois. When asked a question based on jobs the typical political answer was give: So I as a voter and a blogger decided to do a little searching

Here is what I have found so far..

Spanish Community Center Inc in Joliet, IL is a private company categorized under Multi-Service Center. Our records show it was established in 1969 and incorporated in Illinois. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $746,885 and employs a staff of approximately 30.

Joliet junior college

Longtime employee of Joliet Junior College he ran the City Center campus in Downtown Joliet. Often referred to as “Andyland” Mihelich will do anything and everything to continue blowing taxpayer money on this money pit. He was handed a job at the Spanish center by ousted trustee Jimmy”ears”McFarland and is now doing whatever he wants as to voting on the JJC board. Mihelich quickly disappointed the JJC faithful when he voted to extend JJC President Proulxs contract after promising to vote against it and vice-president Agazzis. Michelich wanted to raise tuition 52% right away so he could bailout the city center. And of course voted to give tax breaks to new businesses while slamming students and homeowners with JJCs bailout money.

From: JJC hires lobbyist read the rest

Trustee Andy Mihelich proposed hiring Mahar, citing his promise to have only three clients and that he would not represent two education interests at once. Board chairman Bob Wunderlich said he was comfortable with either choice.

Mihelich said the college’s interest could get “lost in the shuffle”

So my question to Andy Mihelich what’s up with this and why is a lot of the old JJC links broken when a search is done.


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  1. Phillip Cleary says :

    Here is my interest in the Mayor of Joliet:

    Joliet and other major municipalities are suffering under the weight of the State of Illinois’ inability to control their spending. This city can’t meet it’s obligations because the state won’t meet it’s obligations. In between the city of Joliet and other cities have to make up the balance on the citizens backs. We can’t do this anymore the citizens of Illinois are barely hanging on, waiting for a leader to emerge! We need to take back this state one city at a time, we need to reduce the burden on the citizens of our state. Give us an opportunity to excel and we will. A mono-economy is what put the city of Joliet in this position.To keep this economic model will reduce us to 1976’s Joliet again. Be the same old Joliet politician with the same old line and you will only last one cycle! Become a leader and you can become the leader of our state!

    from my post at the Joliet Hearld!

    Here are the words I want to hear from the candidates!

    “Not only will I not take these benefits I will also lobby the state to deny these benefits to those that have put them into legislation”. We need to cut expenses at a state level to insure that our city is viable. This can only be done with the commitment of Mayors throughout the state of Illinois, Candidates Stand up and lead! Madigan and those who have led us down the path to destruction must be stopped. Do we have a leader, one that will take on the Machine of Chicago, who will lead our state out of bankruptcy, one city at a time?

    Andy? Jan? where do you stand on this issue? It’s not enough to say we will end this later? End it and make it retroactive! Our Taxes are retroactive? Let me know!

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