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February 14, 2011 Contact: Andy Mihelich @ 815.212.3804 or As Mayor, Mihelich Would Let the “Sunshine in” at City Hall “Sunshine Joliet” online initiative would make Joliet government more open, accessible to residents (Joliet, Illinois) – Independent mayoral challenger Andy Mihelich believes Joliet city government should provide more information to Joliet residents on a real-time basis. As Mayor, he would change the way city government conducts the public’s business and transmits information the public has a right to know.

Mihelich’s “Sunshine Joliet” proposal would, among other things, build-out the city’s existing website to provide more comprehensive, real-time information on important city projects and policies so that residents can participate from concept to decision to implementation. For example, Mihelich would post not only Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests but also the city’s response to those FOIA requests so as to create a clearinghouse of information on city government that residents can easily access. Mihelich also discussed providing original news content on matters of public concern to build authentic conversations with Joliet residents on issues that impact their quality of life. “Transparency isn’t just a buzzword, it is a hallmark of responsible, responsive government,” said Mihelich. An initiative like “Sunshine Joliet” can help answer questions that many Joliet residents have like “Where did all the money from the casinos go?” said Mihelich. “The politicians in charge of the city have presided over some spectacular financial catastrophes at the expenses of Joliet taxpayers,” said Mihelich referring to the failed water park and JackHammers baseball team.

“Perhaps if there had been more disclosure and more ready access to information as these projects went forward, we could have pulled back before we went off the financial cliff.” “Part of helping Joliet families to be successful is to identify projects and policies that impeded their success,” said Mihelich. “This transparency proposal offers opportunities the community as a whole the opportunity to review and assess rather than containing the entire discussion to just the city council.” By opening up more data to the public and building out the city’s presence in the digital space, Mihelich’s initiative would make it easier for city stakeholders and residents to create additional tools that improve transparency, share information and engage their neighbors. Mihelich is a retired Joliet Junior College administrator and current member of the Joliet Junior College Board of Trustees. ###

This release was sent to Editor of the, at no point is this to be considered an endorsement it is merely being posted so that our readers can see all sides of the same issue..Freedom of speech and balanced talking points of JOLIET ILLINOIS mayoral race, there is still an offer to the other candidates to send releases to this blog so that our readers have a choice and may ask questions of the candidates.


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