Kinzinger Fighting for Jobs. Co-Sponsor of H.R.153

Thank you for taking the time to contact me to share your concerns regarding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and climate change. By hearing your thoughts and concerns on the issues, I am better able to represent you in Congress.


As your representative, I care deeply about maintaining affordable and reliable energy. As a member of the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus, I support the expanded use of clean-burning domestic natural gas in order to create both a clean environment and millions of jobs for the American people. I also support the use of renewable energy alternatives – such as nuclear energy, clean coal technology, wind and solar energy – that take into account the impact on our environment and health, while lowering costs and creating American jobs. These resources and accompanying innovations are important to our nation achieving energy independence while respecting the environment.


As a member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, one of my core responsibilities is to conduct congressional oversight of the EPA to ensure the agency stays within the bounds of the law and does not negatively impact our fragile economy through the regulation of greenhouse gases. The EPA should not regulate what Congress did not legislate. With those principles in mind, I have chosen to co-sponsor H.R. 153, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act, which Congressman Ted Poe (TX) introduced on January 5, 2011. This Act prohibits funding for the EPA to be used to implement or enforce a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases. As the Energy and Commerce Committee members consider and debate this or similar legislation, be assured that I will keep your views in mind.


Again, thank you for contacting me. It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if my office can be of assistance to you on any issue of importance.



Adam Kinzinger
Member of Congress
This is exactly why we voted this man in office. We proudly recognise his efforts in this cause, and wish him all the best.

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