Joliet, Illinois District 4 City Council race Alicia Morales

 Alicia Morales, who is running in the District 4 City Council race.  The District 4 seat is currently held by Susie Barber, who is seeking re-election, and is also facing opposition from John Connelly Jr. and Leah R. Cooper.

Morales does not live at 645 Francis St. as was stated in her candidacy paperwork. State law requires a candidate to live within their district for one year prior to running for election. State records show that Morales has been in the area only 5 months and was previously a chicago resident. 

The Joliet Election Board ruled unanimously  to keep District 4 council candidate Alicia Morales on the ballot, they don’t want to offend their Mexican voters by making them think that the council would be singling out Morales due to her hispanic heritage.

Alicia Morales over the past few months have been noted as saying in public that her main objective as a city council person is to help only the hispanic population. (The Spanish american club Jan 29th 2011), personally I was under the impression that if elected councilmen/councilwoman that race was to be left at the door

“It’s the parents’ responsibility to keep the kids educated, to keep the kids out of gangs,” Morales said. What Morales didn’t say is that her teen has been causing trouble for the Joliet residents and that there is a pending law suit against Morales. And Morales wants the voters of district 4 to give her the power…?? Not I..Not today..racisum has no place in Joliet’s city council.

Well at least Alicia Morales can say American voter wasn’t racist to her…Just not stupid enough to vote for her.!


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