Lisa Madigan what is your major malfunction- the brain.

Printing the name of gun owners gives criminals the information needed to invade Illinois citizens homes to rob them, you as a representative of the law are placing citizens in harm’s way.  If you print my name, I will sue you for placing me and my family in harm’s way.
By your actions you are allowing crime to thrive in a complacent society and attempting to make a criminal of a law-abiding citizens such as my self and the people of Illinois. We the people do not need you as our mother or a union advocate to promote more police presence.
Whats next Madigan ” No Warrants needed ” to enter a person’s home…? It is clear to me that you as Attorney General are for taking away the rights of Illinois citizens. You have just given one more reason not to trust the law…Madigan with you representing the law, Heaven help us and our children..!!  Madigan is attempting to make you a target to be a crime statistic.

When the government over steps its bounds pushing the people – they will push back…….(quote: unknown)


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6 responses to “Lisa Madigan what is your major malfunction- the brain.”

  1. Fred Landerman says :

    Clearly there are no limits as to what the liberal progressives like Madigan will attempt in their march toward a New World Order. If you disarm the citizens, the same as Hitler did in Germany, then there is less risk of an “armed” rebellion. Maybe we need to start publishing the names and addresses of convicted felons, especially those convicted of a violent crime. Can we also publish the names and addresses of those public employees like Lisa Madigan, Pat Quinn, etc. or are they “above” the standards set by Madigan et al. I think it only fair that if we are going to start making these “lists”, we include everyone.

  2. Phillip Cleary says :

    “Maybe we need to start publishing the names and addresses of convicted felons, especially those convicted of a violent crime.”

    This information is already available. So is the info on our “Elected Officials”. Although it is much harder to access politicians information. They keep their families safe. This is no more than a ploy by Cook County anti gun elitists to force the issue of gun ownership. This was started after an AP “reporter” asked for the info through a FOIA request. Eventually the State Police will have to give up the records unless the Governor issues an E.O. not to do so. That’s going to happen, right?
    I say let them have the info, this could be a very good way to remove the scum of our society from the face of the earth! One bloody bullet ridden corpse at a time.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Lisa Madigan’s job is to follow and enforce the law as it is written. If you think the law should be different, you should encourage the general assembly to change it, and then ask the governor to sign off on the change.

  4. MG says :

    Guns are very bad! You sick f()cks should be register and publish for every one to know who you are and where you live. You country pump-kins! Only the government should own guns. What the hell is wrong with yous?

  5. tgodfreak says :

    mes got mines gun cause mes from duz countyrs and mes is prouds i killum derr wit my small bwain cause im a hill billy

  6. Jay Iacobucci says :

    Well if I might engage in a discussion, I would ask what is the problem with publishing the names of license gun holders? I saw that some have said that this will discourage people from getting guns. I don’t agree. As a non-gun owner, but firm supporter of our 2nd amendment rights, I tend to think this might make more people get a license. From my perspective I think I am going to get one (even thought I might not purchase a gun) for the sole reason that I want my name on that list. If a malcontent wants to invade my house they will think that I have a gun and I’ll be ready to use it.

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