Entitlement Waste; Easily Found In Emails


I live in Joliet. Three weeks back I was expelled from my job. I needed money so that I can feed my family then I came acorss an article – “Mom from Joliet received $19,716 in grants money”. I was in a little doubt when I read it. So I researched about grants and found that these government cash grants are not like loans; they never have to be paid back. Grants are in place specifically for people like you and me who need help paying bills, buying a home, starting your own business, going to school, or even raising your children.

I asked my friends and some more people and I found that one of them also received the grants. Then I thought that I should also give it a try, so I followed the steps mentioned in the article on a news site and also applied for it, then yesterday I received a check of $19231! Now I can do anything with this money.. In application I mentioned that I need grants for paying bills. Now I have received it, I am eligible to use it for any purpose and I don’t need to repay it. I think I will first buy an iPad, iPhone 4, MacBook, and some more stuff 🙂 from this and then I will use it for the real purpose. Oh Yeah, I like gadgets 🙂

The news site on which I found the article is http://digg.com/u1VhMR and I think the article will be featured on the homepage until tomorrow.


We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction – Gen D. McArthur

 This was sent to me from Senate685@aol.com


And the government has trouble finding the waste in entitlement spending !!! 

It is this kind of “wasted” society, that poses the biggest threat to our country.


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