Mihelich: Time to End Health Care and Pension Benefits for City Council

by Andy Mihelich  (Joliet, Illinois) –

With the City of Joliet facing a $21 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year with depleted cash reserves, independent candidate for Mayor Andy Mihelich today said that one of his first acts of business as mayor would be to rescindhealth care coverage for elected members of the Joliet City Council and ask them to waive their public pension benefits. “This is supposed to be public service,” said Mihelich. “It is a part-time job. This is not anyone’s main source of income so why should they be getting full-time benefits like health care?” Mihelich said that proposals to simply eliminate health care coverage as a lifetime benefit for City Council members who serve two terms doesn’t go far enough.

“The burdens placed on Joliet families to finance the status quo in our city impede their success,” said Mihelich. “We need to lessen the burdens on Joliet families and bring the city’s budget into balance. We cannot afford the salaries and benefits we are forcing taxpayers to finance currently. But before we go back to city employees and ask them to ante up, the politicians in this city need to ante up themselves.”

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